What Do You Want?

So many people get caught up in wondering if the employers view them to be a good fit when applying for a job, but never stop and think if the company they are applying for is really a good fit for themselves. Personal Criteria is so important when searching for a job, things such as what you enjoy doing? How much money do you want to be making? What type of environment do you want to work in? These are just a few of the many questions you need to be asking yourself before deeply considering a job position. Next I want to share my personal criteria with you and I hope it allows you to think of what you would want for yourself.

What do you enjoy doing?

Personally, I enjoy being physically active, I love being outdoors, playing and watching sports and being around my friends. These are some things that I would love to implement into a future job, especially the aspect of being active and potentially being outdoors I think would be super enjoyable and exciting.

What type of salary are you looking for?

More money is always a plus to everyone and I am no exception to that within reason, if there is the opportunity for a higher salary then that’s great, however I value having lots of free time and enjoying life more than I do making boatloads of money. After all what does it matter how much you make if you never have time in your life to put it to use.

What type of coworkers would you like?

Coworkers for some are aren’t a big deal and go with or without them, for me coworkers are almost an essential for me. If I am to hold down a job for, lets say 15 years, I am going to have to be surrounded by the same people for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. I want those people to be enjoyable to be around and ultimately make lots of friends within my work. If I have a job where I can’t talk freely to some I feel like I would become frustrated and eventually end up quitting.

What environment are you wanting to work in?

My preferred work environment would being up, moving around and not tied to a desk and computer all day. I feel that I stay much more efficient and motivated when up and out of a chair. I also want to have flexibility within my job. I want to be able to make my own decisions and achieve the companies goals through my own way.

Overall everyone is completely different when it comes to personal criteria. Some things that can affect your personal criteria is your age and if you have a family as a few examples. These are interesting since they change over time and you adapt to your surroundings. You may totally prefer to work from a desk crunching numbers, or maybe you want the social aspect with coworkers above all else. Whatever it is just make sure to ask yourself, what do you want?

Creativity Blog

Creativity to it’s very definition is the ability to make or bring into existence something new, whether a new solution to a problem or a new method. So when “Steal like an Artist” came out and stated that in fact no one is creative or special since all creativity is bred from someone else’s ideas it was tough to argue since creativity essentially is about doing something new. Now some people take this quite literally and take the definition for what it is worth but for me I see creativity in more of a broadened sense. From a business perspective creativity can be found in lots of ways including using it as a problem solving tool or maybe a path to product designs for your company.

Confidence is a dangerous aspect to have when writing. On one end when writing on sensitive topics it takes a lot of confidence to drive your point home and to get through to the readers while not overstepping boundaries at the same time. Along with that same point some of the most influential pieces have been controversial and took lots of confidence to write. Confidence is a powerful tool in writing and allows the writer to say what he needs to say but you always need to be careful with what you say about certain things.

One of the best ways to gain confidence and to be a better writer in general is simply to just write more. Being exposed to doing more papers, doing more reports and just communicating more through writing allows you to become more comfortable with what you write. Another way to become more confident is to have someone review what you write and get both positive and negative feedback.

Some stuff that I really enjoy is both sports and more so being around my friends and being in a social setting with those that I know. I can’t really implement my friends into my workplace but what I can do is be outgoing in whatever job comes next and develop a good social setting for myself. Does anyone really like doing work without any social aspects in it? Another thing that I enjoy while at work is to be occupied. I love a good challenge at work and really makes the time go by. When I am just sitting around and doing nothing I just count the seconds until I leave, but when I am tasked with something tough it interests me and I love the problem solving aspect of it.

Overall I thought this was a really good book with a lot of good point made in it. One point in particular that stood out to me was the fact that you need to take a break from the internet and be more out there. This can be tied to creativity as well as you need to go out into the real world and be yourself. I try to follow this rule already and love being active and connect with others.

One thing that I somewhat disliked was something that I brought up earlier. The point that you can no longer be creative since you leach off of someone else’s creativity is putting creativity into a box. I feel like creativity has been modernized and is now something that can be closely tied to problem solving and is a great tool to have in the business world.

Introduction Blog

What’s up guys! My name is Zach Miller and I am a Business Administration major at NC State but do not yet have a concentration. I am currently leaning towards a concentration in finance and a job revolving around either being a financial planner or working with stocks and investing, I think both would be super cool avenues for me to go down. Writing to me is very dependent on the subject. If there is something that interests me to write about I tend to go into lengthy descriptions on the subject and really dive into various parts of what I am talking about, on the flip side if there is something that I don’t enjoy writing about I will tend to skim over it quickly or approach the subject with a very fact driven nature. Overall I don’t find writing to be super enjoyable but I feel like I tend to get my point across pretty well most of the time.

Over the course of the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to work for a couple of companies that have taught me a good bit. I have worked for a couple of factories, one where I actually transported materials from one place to another and at the other I interned working on a production line making hand sanitizer fluid this summer during the COVID-19 pandemic while learning the in’s and out’s to managing a production plant. Both gave me really valuable experience to know what to expect in a factory setting.

I like to thing a good way that I express myself is through sports. So many will probably say that they may keep a dairy or maybe play an instrument or something else along those lines, but for me it is sports. I’ve always been pretty athletic; playing basketball, baseball and various others too, everyone seems to have their own personality in the way they play like catching a baseball, swinging a bat, or shooting a three. Sports take up a lot of my time and is one of the main ways I can express myself and in a way have a creative outlet. This can kind of go hand in hand with my personality I was given. I was labeled as an INFP, some of the traits I agree with however some not so much. Of the ones I do agree with is that I am somewhat reserved or shy to people I don’t know which would make sports a good outlet for me to turn to instead. Other that not being the most sociable person out there I don’t feel that a lot of these traits really define who I am.

My personal goals for this course are to enjoy it, finish with a good grade but ultimately learn a thing or two. I haven’t had many writing courses in college so its always good to be well versed in a lot if different areas and broaden your scope of learning.