An enhancing career

Fellow students, I come to you to tell you that a large percentage of your life will be spent working. It is of utmost importance that you define your career criteria early and try to follow through. Statistics show that over half of Americans, or more specifically 53%, are unhappy with their work. (Forbes) When taking this in consideration what do you plan on doing to be in the 47%…

Q: What are your intentions following graduation?

This summer, the end of my junior year, I plan to try and work with an Agriculture related company of some sort. I have attended CareerCon and interviews and found them to be very useful but I am eyeing Smithfield Foods. My father has a contract with them and I am going to try hard to join their team this summer for valuable experience and maybe joining their workforce after graduation.

Q1: What locations have you been looking at for work?

In all honestly, anywhere in North Carolina would work for me. Somewhere either closer to Raleigh or close to my hometown would work. There is a Smithfield plant around 45 minutes from my house that would be most optimal. However, this is only 1 hour from Raleigh so it is essentially in the middle so I am flexible.

Q2: What are some tasks that drain you?

From past job experience I find that the most draining tasks are office tasks. I am one that cannot stand to read or sit and file paperwork for long periods of time. I will try hard to steer away from this aspect of work, though I know it is not unavoidable.

Q3: Does salary matter?

The question of salary is one that I think we can all agree on. We all want to make good money. This is why we invest time, money, and hard work into our educations as students. Personally, to me salary doesn’t have to be something crazy, just something reasonable that I feel is fair and I can live comfortably on.

Q4: What is the most important thing you’re looking forward to in your career?

I can say that I am really ready to get done with school. We have all been in school for around 14-18 years and it gets old. I look forward to starting a new chapter and providing for a family, etc.

Q5: How are you with overtime hours and extra shifts?

I am not one to turn down extra work. I have worked on the farm where sometimes I would work from 7am to around 10 at night. I would not want to do this often as I get older but I feel as if most young employees try to work as much as possible.

Q6: Does liking your boss have any play in a career?

Personally I think you have to be able to function with your boss to enjoy your career. I have worked in Retail where you’re often scheduled with many different people every day of the week. Sometimes I do not like the people I work with but at the end of the day it is tolerable. Im not one to get easily agitated so I feel as if I would like most bosses or be able to work In any condition.

Q7: Would you rather stay and move up within one company or are you looking to build a career across multiple companies / industries?

My goal is to start with a good company after college and work my way up. Once I have became finally independent and stable I may look into opening a business or something of that nature.

Q8: What are some of your five year goals?

My goal is to graduate from North Carolina State University with at least a 3.5 GPA. I also hope to have an internship this summer within my field. Shortly after graduating I want to mold myself into a hardworking man where in five years I can be financially stable and independent.

Q9: How do you do with others in your workforce?

I mesh well with most coworkers and enjoy a close camaraderie. I find it easiest to work with people I get along with and are close to. When farming, I often work with people I am very similar with and the days go by faster.

Q10: What shifts do you prefer to work?

I prefer to get an early morning start to the day. The ideal shift for me would be a 7am-3pm shift. I hope to work something similar to this. I feel as if a morning shift gives you time to have your afternoon free for kids or travel and eating.

Q11: Do you prefer hands on or desk work?

Hands on work is by far the best way to keep someone working with passion. In todays world most work and schooling is being done from behind a screen, sitting down. There is no wonder more people are failing and isolation and loneliness is leading to depression.

Q12: How long do you plan on working in your lifetime?

I plan to work until I am around 70. Once I reach this stage in life I hope to spend time with grandkids, volunteer, and do other things to stay busy.

Q13: What kind of benefits are you hoping to receive?

With my job I plan to have stable 401K plan along with dental and health benefits. I don’t won’t to have to worry about if I get sick and need to take time off.

Q14: Do you plan on taking vacation time?

I want to be able to take time off for Christmas to be able to spend time with my family.

Q15: What are some tasks that excite you?

Some things I look most forward to are group tasks. Whenever we are assigned group breakouts I get excited. Whenever summer work season comes for onion harvesting I work with two of my really close friends. Other than this I can say I look forward to being able to lead projects and try out new positions as-well.

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Blog 2: Steal Like an Artist

I really enjoyed reading “Steal like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. The spontaneousness and passion for creativity was mind blowing. I have never heard something so original, yet simplistic at the same time. Mr. Kleon seems like a very hard worker with wonderful work ethic. The ways in which he explains himself is unfiltered and of the utmost truthfulness.

Before this reading, I might have defined Creativity as something along the lines of originality. However, when reading from a Mr. Kleon’s perspective, I see now how creative one can be even when not being “original”. On page 7, Mr. Kleon makes a good point, “The writer Jonathan Lethem has said that when people call something “original,” nine out of ten times they just don’t know the references or the original sources involved.” This got me thinking of all the time I haven’t been “original”. Much like the Kobe Bryant example in the book, I remember in high school soccer using things and plays I had learned from club soccer. The deeper I got into this book, the more I related it.

I believe that confidence is important in writing. When writing this blog, through the many things that go through my head I rest assure that I’m writing in confidence. Confidence can be built in different ways but the best way I have found is to be content with yourself and your work. Once you realize you’re the best you can be there is nothing that can change that. Being the best I can be started in sports with me. I gained confidence in sports first by training and getting assurance and guidance from coaches and mentors. This led to me being more confident in life and school, which in turn led to me greater opportunities through clubs, etc. Taking on adversity is easier when you are confident in your abilities.

One of the things I found best to take from this book is to realize we are capable of anything. Mr. Kleon states later in this book that the fact that there are limitless opportunities to achieve things is terrifying. I strongly agree. We can be and do whatever we wish if we put ourselves to it. I also like how Mr. Kleon has an electronics desk, and a conventional desk area. The way he works best is if he switches between just the brain and what is around him and also between the internet where he does research. I plan to use some structure of the sort but in a different way soon. I have a friend that works in a similar way as Mr. Kleon in that she writes ideas on her wall and uses little technology. It is more of a free form approach she uses.

The only thing I could disagree with is the focus in chapter nine that says the only way to get work done is to be boring. It states that you must be regular and boring in your life to be creative in your work. I believe that this is false and that it takes a creative lifestyle to find creative opportunities.

My Introduction: Rhett Freedman

Hello class, my name is Rhett Freedman, I am a Freshman out of Whiteville North Carolina pursuing a degree in Agriculture Business Management. Whiteville is a very small rural town in southeast North Carolina with lots of farmland. I hope to one day take over my Dad’s farming operation and open feed mills and seed stores across North Carolina. Some of my hobbies include: soccer, hanging out with friends, xbox, and taking trips. I have taken trips to various places I enjoy. Some of these places include, Hawaii, the mountains of NC, the Bahamas, and Florida. I would have to say I am definitely one for warmer places and trips over colder ones.

I know that writing and being able to communicate in Business is vital to a growing age of technology in the workplace. From personal experience, I know that farmers are not the best with technology and computers, so I hope to gain a better understanding in how businesses are communicating in this new age.

I have professional experiences not only with farming, but with management and different public jobs as well. Every summer I have worked with local farmers in onion harvesting and most recently I oversaw and kept inventory of different operations along with working the bagging and packing lines.

I get to exercise my creativity during summer where I perform different tasks and work different jobs at different farms etc. I also play soccer and plan on playing club or intramural this semester where I can branch out and meet new people. I believe there are many opportunities at NC State to show your different interest and passions.

My MBTI is an ESFJ. The E stands for extraverted, the S for sensing, the F for feeler, and the J for judging. I feel as if this result accurately describes my personality in most of the ways. I thought this was a very interesting test with very accurate results. I would love to do more of these. My results say that I am totally down ti interact with many kinds of people and I feel that this is true.

I hope to gain skills in online business management and communications. This course has also taught me things about myself and I hope this is a continuous trend throughout. I also hope to learn more about activities and different clubs and businesses around NC State as I feel this would be beneficial to myself in the future business world.

A little bit more about myself is that I am a very outgoing person looking for more cool people to meet during these times. I am welcome to do many things and meet many different people. I look forward to next year and hopefully being able to attend some NC State football games and tailgate. One of the most exciting things I looked forward to this year at State was football games and sadly I wasn’t able to attend any. Please reach out if you have any of the same interest as me as I am open to making friends through this course. Thanks.