Maybe It’s Time To Ask What The Company Will Do For Me?

Q1: What benefits would you like from your job?

    I would like for my job to provide health insurance (I would prefer dental and vision included, however, it would not be the end of the world if it was not), paternity leave/work from home options,  and I would like for my job to provide paid time off. Quality health insurance is a must in my view, just in case a medical emergency does happen I would like to be insured. I think that paid time off is also important. I think that time off from work can be beneficial and would allow for me to recharge and be more energized for work afterward. Paternity leaves and work-from-home options, while not an absolute necessity, is something I would highly prefer. If I have a child, I want to help with raising them and I want to watch them grow up. I know it’s not exactly a common benefit offered in the United States currently, but I hope that will change in the future.

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Q2: Are you okay with relocating? What areas, in particular, are you interested in?

    I would happily relocate anywhere as long as the salary makes sense for the area. I would personally prefer warmer states such as Georgia, Texas, or California. However, colder states such as New York, Pennsylvania,  or Massachusetts do not bother me, they are just not my preference. I would prefer to live in larger cities such as Atlanta, San Francisco, or Houston. I would work in smaller cities and towns if necessary. I would not mind even leaving the country for work as long as the country I am going to is stable.

Q3: How do you feel about business travel?

    As someone who loves traveling, business travel does not bother me at all. I have always wanted to travel the world, so if my job helps me achieve that goal even slightly I’d be happy. The change in scenery would likely also be welcome.

Q4: What type of company would you prefer?

    I don’t mind either a well-established company or a start-up in all honesty. To me, as long as there’s job security (as in, I won’t end up laid off three months later), I don’t mind. At a start-up company you’re more likely to take up extra tasks you wouldn’t normally do otherwise. However, that doesn’t bother me. Taking up more responsibilities may make my job more enjoyable due to having more variety in the type of work I am doing.

Q5: Does salary matter?

    To be entirely honest, yes. Like many of you, I have student loans to pay, and I have bills to pay. While I would take a reasonable salary cut if I thought one job was more aligned with my values or thought the work was more interesting, there comes a certain point at which those stop being the more important factors over salary.

Q6: Does it matter that the company you work for shares your values?

    For me, it matters that the company I work for shares my values. I believe that to truly enjoy your job, the job has to be in something that you also personally agree with. If I am working hard at my job, I want to know that it’s worth it. I would like it if the company had volunteering opportunities and gave back to their community.  

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Q7: Would you be okay working in a remote environment?

    After the pandemic, I would prefer to work in a real-life office, with people. I do not feel that I would be at the most productive if I were to be working remotely, in the current remote environment I get very easily distracted and it can make it near impossible to get work done promptly. So I imagine a remote workplace would have the same issues I am currently facing.

Q8: What type of schedule would you prefer?

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind a nine to five job. I don’t mind waking up early in the morning if I’m getting paid to do so. I would like to have weekends and major holidays off (Christmas, Easter, etc.), as some time off throughout the week would be nice.

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To me, creativity is the process of using your imagination to create something. This can be something abstract like a piece of artwork or something more concrete such as a computer program, if you had to use your imagination to make it, it required creativity. While creativity is something that is very important when it comes to writing, another trait that is necessary when it comes to writing frequently and for an audience is having confidence. Confidence is important to writing because to express yourself and your viewpoint of the world, that often requires you to be sure that your work is good and that your work reflects you honestly, this requires confidence in yourself and your writing abilities.

Personally, for me, I gained confidence being in leadership roles. When I was in high school I was in charge of my school’s robotics team, this led me to feel more confident about myself, which in turn led me to be more confident in my other abilities such as writing. However, since what worked for me isn’t what would work for everyone else, if I were to suggest to anyone wanting to gain confidence in their writing skills I would suggest taking NC State’s creative writing course, ENG 287. Writing for an audience, and finding out what you do well with, and what you could improve on definitely helped me improve my writing. For instance, I found out in my creative writing course that while I can create an engaging story, I also found out I could improve upon writing a better variety of characters, as some of mine would feel similar.

I personally enjoy things such as watching movies, being around friends, and going on runs. For me, bringing those things into my writing is already a reality as those are usually what I go do when I am struggling to come up with how to frame something in my writing. It’s a piece of advice I got from an interview I saw of one of my favorite artists, MF DOOM. The best way to have creativity come to you is to just simply do something else. When it comes to creativity, most ideas are borrowed from other things you enjoy, even if it’s not always the most obvious.

Some of the things from Steal Like An Artist that are pieces of advice I wish to take away are the concept of constantly schooling yourself, instead of imitation trying to go for emulation, writing what you like, and trying to travel more. Some things from Steal Like An Artist that are pieces of advice that I do not plan on taking away are: quit picking fights and go make something, faking it ‘til you make it, and keeping a notebook for a swipe file. I personally think the concept of quitting picking fights and going to make something is something that isn’t really helpful if you use some of the things you see on social media as inspiration, even the fights. I don’t really think faking it ‘til you make it is something that is the most practical advice, I personally think that if you’re unsure about something you should ask for help not pretend you’re one hundred percent confident in what you’re doing. Keeping a swipe file is something that I don’t agree with because I think it’s harder to have your own spin on something when you’re looking at the exact quote or the exact moment in which you’re trying to seek inspiration from.


Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Grube.

I am an economics major that is working towards a future career in data science. I am fascinated by data, and how we use it to make decisions. I also have a minor in computer programming. Along with data science, I am also interested in regular software development. However, I’d personally prefer to work with data, as I find it more interesting than just regular software development.

 I view my relationship with writing as something that I do when it is necessary, however, in my free time I rarely take the time to do it. I largely prefer reading over writing the majority of the time. So far my largest professional experience has been being an orientation leader for NC State. My experience with being an orientation leader was a positive one, and it primarily consisted of me being in charge of large groups and making sure that they receive a proper introduction to NC State and college life as a whole. While working at NC State University I used social media and email as my primary means of communicating with students when they were not currently with me. I was in charge of an Instagram page where I had weekly updates with information about NC State’s campus and photos with groups I was leading, and I often sent emails to groups after they went back home to give them some final advice before they started college.

I express my creativity through reading, social media, and volunteering with SPARCS (an organization that introduces underrepresented groups in computer science to computer science topics). When volunteering with SPARCS I often use a mix of creativity and professional communication skills to engage with a young (middle school-aged) audience about computer science topics and hopefully get them interested in the topics introduced so that they may one day consider computer science as a career choice. I am currently also reading Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison in my spare time, and hope to get through at least twelve books this year that I read for fun. I try to read for fun, even with a cluttered schedule because I feel that it can help to distance myself from reality for some time, especially now with a pandemic going on. I also use Twitter a lot, it’s probably not good for me but it’s entertaining and helps me stay connected with friends more easily than I would be able to be otherwise due to the pandemic.

 My MBTI type was an ENFP, which when I looked at all of the traits associated with that personality type, I felt it matched me very well. I am skeptical of the accuracy of the MBTI and other personality tests. While I feel like they describe me very well, I largely do them for fun rather than an actual evaluation of me. I view astrology in a similar lens as I do the MBTI, which is not a bad thing, I genuinely find both interesting and see the value of both as ways to describe people’s personalities.

My goal for this course is to strengthen my skills in professional writing, and professional communication skills.