Blog 3: Finding Security in Work Specificity

Joshua Marszalek

Entering the job world without any idea of what you are doing is a terrifying thought. However, creating a personal criteria to help you understand what would be a perfect fit will help you find more security in whatever specific workplace parameters you put up. Far too often, we are unsure of what would make a good career and do not consider many of the potential factors that go into choosing the outcome of our future. This criteria list will no doubt help you better understand yourself and what you enjoy in a workplace setting. For me, I find financial security and potential for growth to be two very important factors in order to satisfy my current ambitions. With that being said, my criteria involves the following:

Is there any potential for growth in this field?

As a worker, I do not like to stay at the same position for too long. I also want to feel like my contributions to a company are being recognized, which is perhaps the best part of advancement opportunity. A raised salary is always nice, but I never want to feel like the work I do is meaningless.

Do you have a specific preference on the speed of your workday?

For me, I like excitement and unpredictability. Whenever I have very little to do or have to just sit at my desk, I get incredibly bored very quickly. Constantly having new things to do and goals to reach are what make me enjoy a workplace environment. However, that does not mean that I enjoy simple busy work. This goes back to wanted to feel like my input is valued.

Do you prefer to work for a small business or would you enjoy a large corporation more?

Easily a small business. When I think of working for a corporation, I always imagine monotonous workdays with a manager breathing down my neck giving me sometimes pointless tasks. For me, I would much rather prefer to enhance my community while working for a small business than meeting a global demand with a corporation.

How much do you desire to be paid for your salary?

The easy answer to this question would be seven figures, but that is not a completely realistic answer. Knowing that work experience and higher education can provide me with a six-figure salary, I would prefer that level of compensation. However, sometimes a salary like that is not obtainable in certain professions so I would just go for the best salary option possible.

Would you like your employer to help pay for education?

No, I would not. Since I want to have a high paying job, obtaining higher education is my first priority. By that point, I would feel like it would be wasting valuable business resources. This could seriously hurt my employment in the future, especially if I choose to work for a small business.

What management style would you prefer to work under?

I hate being micro-managed, so a more relaxed management setting would be a great fit for me. When I have someone over my shoulder constantly telling me what to do, it is very frustrating. So the only type of management that I would want to work under would be the kind that trusts me to do the tasks associated with the job without holding my hand.

Is staying with the same company your entire career a possibility?

I am inclined to say no. I want to work at many different businesses in my career in order to truly experience the career that I enjoy. I feel like working at the same place my entire life provides great security, but putting security in your hands and knowing you will be fine with ambition is a great way to live. It would be like living in the same house my entire life.

Would that mean international work would be a possibility?

Image result for international business

I would love to work in an international career. I already love to travel, so doing it for work would not hurt my interest in the slightest. I think international work would be a fantastic way to expand my mind and meet a lot of new people from around the world. My family used to do a lot of travelling across the world when I was younger and it always excited me. Going international for a job sounds like and awesome opportunity.

Does a company’s vision have any impact on working for them?

I would say so to an extent. I would not want to work for an organization that practices irregular and dishonest practices, but political alignments and mission statements do not really interest me much. As far as I am concerned, I go to work to do work and provide a better life for me and those around me. If my actions align with those goals, then its a great thing. However, I would not turn down more money from a company that has less of an impact on political or worldwide events.

Where would you like to work?

If I did not have an inclination to travel and work in other countries, I would choose Charlotte or Raleigh. I grew up in Charlotte for my entire life and it is a bustling city with so much opportunity for someone like myself. Raleigh has the same level of job opportunity so either city would work just fine for me. I love North Carolina so I would ideally want to stay here if I had a job that kept me here.

What kind of coworkers do you enjoy? What kind of coworker do you dislike?

The kind of coworker that I like is one that comes in every day ready to work and take things seriously while also being able to have fun and do things with a smile on their face. Being able to work in a team setting with pleasant coworkers would be a great experience. The kind of coworker that I do not like is one that is too quiet or does not have a smile on their face when they conduct tasks. Having fun is a huge component of living a happy life.

Are you willing to commute for work? If so, what distance are you willing to commute?

When it comes to commuting, I would like my commute to last no more than half an hour. However, working in a city would make this almost impossible. This is especially true if I do not live in the city. I would like my commutes to be limited to transportation by car or by walking, no train or bicycle.

What size team do you prefer to work with?

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For me, I prefer to work with others. I am not very big on working by myself because I do not think it allows for a maximization of ideas and work. When you work in small teams or very large teams, you are able to bounce ideas off of each other and create a much stronger final product than you could by yourself. So I would say working with the biggest team possible would be my ideal team size.

What kind of benefits do you value the most?

For me, a job that has a lot of benefits is always a good choice to pick from. I think vacation days are the most valuable benefit that you can have from a job. Bonuses are nice, but having days off are precious when it comes to working a job every day of the week. That is why I value vacation days the most, especially when it comes to physical and mental health.

Does this company offer any retirements bonuses?

Choosing a company that offers retirement bonuses is an essential part of the career selection process. If I ever chose to stay at a company for my entire life, those benefits would rack up and provide me with a lot of financial security. However, I do not plan to be at the same company my entire life. Having an option like this is always a nice thing to have, so I would say having a retirement bonus available is a must for a future career.

Blog #2: Creativity

Creativity is something used to describe out of the box thinking. Creativity is not born out of just one specific field like painting or music, it can come from anything at any time. When someone says something is creative, it is because that person was not thinking in that train of thought. Creativity has many different definitions, but most revolve around the idea of abstract thinking.

Confidence is a huge component of expressing creative ideas or creating abstract work. Confidence is especially important when it comes to writing and it is very similar to expressing creativity. Writing with confidence lets you really express your thoughts and ideas without limiting yourself and your full writing potential. If you are not able to write with confidence, then your writing may be underdeveloped and lack creativity. Writing with confidence is a sign that you are comfortable with your own words and are willing to stand by your word.

However, not having any confidence when it comes to writing is not uncommon. This may be because of unpleasant experiences that can diminish confidence. A way that you can develop confidence is to continue writing and not worrying about any harsh criticisms. Embracing that criticism is also a strong way to gain confidence, as it will help you develop a better understanding of what kind of writer you want to be. Constantly practicing and learning to get better is a great tool to gain confidence in anything. Criticism can also be a huge motivational tool that can improve writing and other tasks.

Perhaps the thing that I enjoy the most would be weightlifting, which differs from writing in a lot of ways. However, there are many ways that I can use this hobby to enhance my writing. Building confidence through practice and learning from criticism are already two fantastic tools that I use to help my writing and those serve a great purpose in the things that I enjoy. Another way I can use my hobby to help my writing could come in the form of creativity. Utilizing many different exercises to help me achieve goals is a way that I express my creativity on a daily basis. Using different methods and exercises to diversify and strengthen my writing could be a fantastic tool.

Some good pieces from the book Steal Like an Artist that I wish to take away involve the concept of imitation vs emulation and stepping away from the computer screen. When it comes to imitation and emulation, I feel like I often try to imitate my role models instead of taking what makes those people special and applying to my own self. Emulating my role models will actually allow me to positively influence my life in ways that playing copycat cannot. Stepping away from the computer screen is also a fantastic idea that I need to apply in my daily schedule. Oftentimes I feel like trying to create something on the computer robs it of true beauty since it is mostly a collection of codes and data. Bringing my body into my work will help my brain work better.

A part of the book that I disagreed with involves the idea of limiting what you share. I say this because I feel that hard working people will not steal your ideas, but will often improve upon them. This is how we improve in our own creativity because it creates competition between true innovators. Secrets have their own appeal, but it comes to changing the world it should not be for a personal desire to acquire more. If you are so confident in your ideas, then sharing them should not hurt you as much as you think.

Introduction Blog

Hello, my name is Joshua Marszalek. I am from Charlotte NC and have lived in North Carolina for my entire life. I transferred from UNC Charlotte to NC State this past summer and it has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I am a junior currently majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. I want to have a career as a supply chain manager or a logistics manager. However if neither of these careers work out for me, I intend to get my masters in business administration so I can have more versatility in choosing a future career. I personally do not enjoy writing in an academic setting very much unless I am writing about a topic that I find interesting. I do not like writing very much but it usually comes pretty easy to me. I rarely struggle when it comes to writing essays or prompts. Since I am still in college, I do not have any professional job experience except for one part time job last spring. Due to the pandemic, I stopped working so I could focus on my health and safety. This has limited my potential for obtaining workplace experience that is essential for a college student. I plan to get more experience this year in a job that is directed towards my major if there are any openings that catch my attention. As far as hobbies that allow me to express my creativity, I do not have very many things to talk about. All of my free time is directed towards fitness and getting better at Olympic weightlifting. I suppose this hobby allows me to be creative because of all the time that I use researching different exercises and techniques that help to improve my overall athleticism. Like I previously mentioned, I do not enjoy writing very much so its hard for me to be creative in that way. My MBTI is INFJ, which I found somewhat accurate. I feel like this test analyzed my behavior in regards to my strengths, but completely missed my weaknesses. I feel like my personality is very analytical but also kind and emotional. This is highlighted very well in my strengths for INFJ. However, the traits of weaknesses are centered around introversion. I feel like I am not “psychic” like the results suggest. Whether these results perfectly reflect my personality or not, I feel like this test shed some light on hidden personality traits that I did not know I had. This was definitely a positive and somewhat enlightening process that I would recommend for everyone. My personal goals for this course involve more than just obtaining a high grade in the course. I will attempt to get the highest grade possible for this course, which I know is obtainable. However, I plan to get more out of this class than just a letter grade. I want to develop the skills that are necessary for successful business communication. I want to develop a passion for writing in a professional setting so that I can find a way to love whatever career I choose. Developing more passions that I can use for my career is something that I look to do since I am already a junior. I look forward to working hard and learning many things this semester!