Meet Hadassa

Writing is my life. This is not a simple saying to attempt to sound cool (is that even cool?!). Growing up, I was an avid reader, the kid always with her nose in a book. However, I never considered that I could become a writer. I started college with a major in Biology and finished it with a dual degree in Writing & Rhetoric and Political Science, and a minor in Psych. 

Majoring in Writing & Rhetoric set me on the path to a career in Technical Communication, opening my eyes to the idea that I could write for a living, and still make enough to honor the work of my Caribbean parents. Even more than the financial benefits, becoming a Rhetorician has been crucial to my own personal development, enabling me to understand, navigate, and eventually shape the forces that animate my environment. 

I began my career in Technical Communication while I was in undergrad, and accumulated an additional five years of professional experience after graduating. I specialize in User Experience Design and Research, Project Management, Web Design, and Professional / Technical Writing. My research focuses on entrepreneurship, human-centered designed solutions in underserved communities, the intersections of Internet and Society, and digital inequalities.

I am an INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) based on the Myers-Briggs system. While MBTI’s scientific value is widely contested, if you know enough and are interested in it, it can be useful to you for limited uses such as generating interest in each other and identifying patterns in how we learn information and make decisions. MBTI doesn’t allow us to make general wild claims, especially about the details that actually make a person a person. 

For example, I pour my milk *before* my cereal, I routinely mess up song lyrics, and I know a long list of words that I can barely pronounce because I’ve only read them. Some of my hobbies include burning candles, procrastinating, binge-watching shows I have watched countless times, and starting Hobbies with the help of Youtubers.

Being an INTP means that I maintain a constant Zoom In / Zoom Out relationship with information. I constantly Zoom In to see all the moving parts of a system (conceptual or mechanical) and thoroughly understand how the parts interact with each other. I also Zoom out to take in a much larger picture and determine if the system fits within the larger meta-system. 

I routinely describe my work as “connecting the dots” because I seek to explore connections between people, ideas, objects, and places in order to form new ways of thinking and organizing the world. I value radical honesty, intellectual curiosity and autonomy, and a dedication to growth and change, even if that requires me at times to release and challenge long-standing paradigms. 

I am very excited to learn from you throughout the semester and hope that we will maintain the same level of interest in one another. Communication is foundational to any working society; seeking to improve our practices can lead us to heights never before considered, individually and globally.