Does this job align with your wants and needs?

Why you should set up your personal criteria before applying for a job

Personal criteria is very important, if not the most important factor, when it comes to picking and applying to jobs. If you do not know what you want from a job, you may choose a job that doesn’t align with your wants, needs and growth. What makes you tick? What do you need from your job? Flexible work schedule? Health insurance for you and your family? What do you want from your job? The possibility to grow in the company? A company that is friendly and works as a team? What makes you motivated to work hard? Is it vacation time? What would help you enjoy your job? Is it catered lunches and team bonding? These are just a few questions you could ask yourself when you are applying for a job. Say you go into an interview not knowing what you want from the company and the job itself. The interviewer tells you that there is probably not gonna be a very good chance of getting a promotion because most of the people in the higher roles have worked there for a good amount of time and are not gonna leave anytime soon. You say that this is not a problem for you and you end up getting the job. A year or two goes by and you realize it is a problem. You want the opportunity to grow, but you have grown to love your co-workers and the things you work on. Now you’re in a predicament. Do you quit and leave the job you love? Or do you stay stagnant in this job and become unmotivated with a low sense of worth? If you were able to rewind time and set up your criteria before the interview? The answer is probably yes. If you had already known that you wanted the opportunity for growth, you could have voiced that to the interviewer and he/she could have worked something out with you or told you that the job probably was not for you. That would be okay because you would just look for another job that does meet your criteria’s. It is also important to update your personal criteria as time goes on. What you wanted as a single, 24 year old is probably not what you want as a 45 year old parent who has three kids.

Growth in marketing jobs.

An Insight Into My Personal Criteria?

  1. Is growth important? Growth is very important to me. I want to be able to progress in my career and not sit in the same desk for twenty years. Doing the same, exact job in the same, exact cubicle would probably make me depressed. Some people like an exact routine like that, but not me. I want to be able to work on new projects with new co-workers who I can build relationships. I want the opportunity to be paid a higher salary especially when I began to have a family. I want my hard work to be noticed and the way it is noticed is by a promotion. If I feel like no ones paying attention to or appreciates what I am doing then I will start to question my role in the company.
  2. What do you want your salary to look like? After I graduate college, I would prefer to make around $50,000 if not more. I want to be able to have an apartment in a nice area and not have to rely on others for money. Some people are fine with that, but I am very independent. Of course, when I start having a family, my criteria for salary will go up.
  3. Are women recognized and appreciated? As a women it can sometimes be hard to be heard in career areas that are mainly filled with men. I want to know that when I get a job I will have the same opportunities, rules and expectations as men.
  4. Does the company share your values? I think it is very important to value of integrity, respect, personal accountability and teamwork. I also think it is important to give back to the community through volunteering and volunteering through the company would be important to me.
  5. What does your commute look like? I would prefer for my commute to be no more than thirty-five minutes each way. The closer it is to home, the better.
  6. Would you mind traveling for business trips? I would not mine traveling once or twice a year for a few days at a time. I would like to stay by where I live as much as possible especially once I have a family I don’t wanna be gone eight months out of the year?
  7. Is a flexible schedule important to you? Right now, a flexible schedule would be nice, but it is not required in my criteria. I am still young, so once I get a job that will be my main focus. It is not like I have kids to raise at the moment and need a flexible schedule.
  8. What do you want your relationship with your co-workers to look like? I would like to have the opportunity to bond and be close with my co-workers. If I need something from them I wanna be comfortable enough to go to them and ask for help. I want it to feel like a team/work family environment and not like they’re a bunch of strangers.
  9. Are sick days and vacation time important? Sick days and vacation times are important to me. Sometimes you just get sick and I wanna be comfortable asking for a sick day while knowing that I won’t receive any penalties for it. Vacation time is also important to me. I wanna be able to take off the days around holidays and have a week to just escape work and relax, so I don’t burn myself out.
  10. What would motivate you to work? There are multiple things that would motivate me to work harder and things that would make me enjoy my job more. The occasional catered lunch would be nice or some kind of employee trip through the company.
  11. Does the work you fo have to matter/be recognized? Without a doubt the work I do has to matter or I will feel like I contribute nothing and am working towards nothing. I know what I am capable of and to be handed work that doesn’t matter will definitely be insulting. I think good, hard work should be recognized and applauded, so it feels like your company/co-workers appreciate you.
  12. Where would you want to work? As of now I would like to work close to home. I don’t mind working in the city, Charlotte and I also wouldn’t mind working in a business thats in a smaller town. I would just want the area to be nice, so that I would feel safer.
  13. Do you want be managed or self managed? I definitely work better when someone is not looking over my shoulder every ten minutes and telling me what to do. I would like to be self managed because I am capable of staying on schedule and doing what I am supposed to. If I need help, I can ask.
  14. What would you want your role to be? I would want my role to be in the marketing field. Whether that be marketing products or advertising them for the company. I would like to brainstorm and collaborate with my other co-workers.
  15. What kind of schedule would you prefer? I would prefer the good ol’ 9-5. I would not mine going over that as long as I get compensated for it. I would also like to have weekends and major holiday’s off.
Grouping of common company values.

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Creativity Blog

Personally, I would describe creativity as using your imagination or expanding on your experiences as a way to express yourself or communicate with others. Creativity goes beyond verbal communication. This communication can be done through music, songs, art, writing and more.

I think that confidence is important in writing because you need to come off like you are sure of yourself and know what you are talking about. Sometimes you need to persuade people or present an idea that you want others to get on board with. Especially if you’re writing in the business world. You want your co-workers/superiors to take you seriously (not take advantage of you because they see you as unsure of yourself) and be able to follow what you are saying and understand it. I think there are many ways to build your confidence. I would say one way is to dress in clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Put on makeup if it makes you feel more confident. I would also say that confidence is boosted when you speak to yourself in the mirror and saying thinks like “you’re smart”, “you’re funny”, “you’re strong” etc. Being kind to yourself and taking care of yourself will make you feel better about yourself and in turn boost your confidence. I also think the people you surround yourself with can help you feel more confident. You want to be around people who lift you up and support what you do. Be close to people that think you’re a great person and genuinely like you. All of this is easier said than done, but I do think these techniques are helpful in boosting confidence.

I genuinely enjoy working out, baking/cooking and painting. I enjoy working out on my own time because I get to choose what I want to do. Im not big on running, but I enjoy yoga, mixed cardio, dancing and strengthening my muscles. I love to bake because there’s a precision to it and the work in the end pays off because its delicious and sometimes pretty like a cake or a pastry. On the other hand, I like cooking because most of the time you can get creative with it and just throw stuff in and it is normally still delicious. Lately, Ive been really into paint by numbers. Im not good at painting on my own, but paint by numbers require focus and patience. I like the distraction of it because it takes away from my stress and relaxes me. I think I can bring these activities into my work in a suttle way. From working out I learned how to push myself and work hard. From baking/cooking I learned how to be creative and how spontaneity can make things better. From painting I learned how to focus and be patient. I can take all of these traits into my career.

The advice that I liked in “Steal Like An Artist” is literally on the eleventh page. It basically states that you are what you choose to let into your life and that we are the sum of our influences. To me it meant that if you let bad people into your life or put yourself into bad situations then you’re a bad person and you’ll feel like a bad person. If you let good people into your life and put yourself in good situations then you’re a good person and you’ll feel like a good person. Our genes don’t really make us, but it’s what we surround ourselves with that does. Just because your great uncle on your moms side was a sociopath and just because you’re related to him doesn’t mean you’re a sociopath. You can surround yourself with good things and you’ll be a good person. I think it’s a hopeful way of looking at things. I also enjoy the saying “fake it till you make it”. My dad says some kind of rendition to that. What I disagree with from this book, honestly, is nothing. I think it had great insights and maybe if something didn’t apply to you, it can still apply to others!

Intro Blog

Hi! My name is Tia Gazzola. Originally I was a psych major, but now Im majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. I hope to work somewhere in the advertising world. I would say my relationship with writing in certain areas is strong , but weaker in others. I like to write creatively and I think I am good at it. I took AP lang in high school, so my background in analyzing writing is good, but not great in the field of professional writing. I exercise my creativity by journaling my thoughts or expressing my feelings. I also like to draw and occasionally paint because it is very comforting and therapeutic to me. My MBTI is INFJ and it says that I “The Advocate”. I am not surprised by that because I have taken this test before and have gotten that. It compared me with Gandhi, MLK Jr. and Marilyn Manson. I can see how Gandhi and MLK compare, but the addition of Marilyn Manson was odd to me. I don’t see myself being like him at all. I know he’s a very artistic person, but he also does some weird things. He’s very out there. I agree with one of my strengths and it says that I see patterns in everything which I really think I do. I always see how things relate or why one thing caused another. However, one of my strengths say I lead with my intuition which I kind of agree with. I say I mostly lead with intuition, but also with some thought and I tend to have some kind of conscious thought process. One of my weaknesses says that I keep my experiences to myself which I completely disagree with. If I can help others by sharing my experiences that’s what I do and I am totally comfortable with doing that. It makes me feel good. It also says that I can feel the emotions of others which I completely agree with. Sometimes I can take on others problems which isn’t the best trait. It can weigh me down especially if that person has some sort of a really tough problem. I also know that the “I” stands for introvert. I think I’m more of an ambivert because I am not totally extroverted like some and I’m not completely extroverted like others. I do relax/recharge when I am alone, but if I have too much alone time I will get lonely. I do like talking to people and learning about who they are, but I’m not the type who just walks up to a stranger and starts talking to them. It also says that I am a leader which I also think is accurate. If no one else feels comfortable leading or no one else wants to, I have no problem stepping into that role. My personal goals for this class are to be a better writer in the professional field and actually learn how to write in that way. As well as how to ask/answer questions in a professional way.