Finding your niche and succeeding

Would you be comfortable traveling for the job?

As someone who will always prioritize family over work, I would be willing to travel for the company occasionally but could not see it being a routine thing for me. Although there could be good money involved in this type of work it would not be enough to sacrifice time with loved ones that I would not be able to get back.  

What would your desired salary be when starting?

In the current state of the job market and the brutal realization that it’s nearly impossible to find a job currently, I would not be picky when it came to a salary straight out of college. Personally, I am aiming to secure a job paying over 50,000 dollars upon graduation but like I said times are tough, and being employed is a success within itself right now. As my career develops like most, I will strive for the most financial freedom possible. Within 3-5 years of being employed, I hope to be earning a six-figure salary and am willing to take the extra steps needed to do so. 

Would you be okay with taking work home?

Like I stated earlier family time is very important to me. If it is a busy week or I am under a time crunch I will be willing to get to the office early and skip/limit lunch break but I don’t intend to leave the office with additional work to be done at home. In my personal experience, I perform worse when I am being consumed by one task rather than being able to get my mind off it and then returning to it after unwinding a bit. 

Would you prefer working in person or remotely?

In an ideal world, I would enjoy having the option to go into an office for the majority of work but have the flexibility to work remotely if I wanted. An office setting tends to increase my productivity and the in person interaction is helpful for me. I have noticed this through this school year in particular. I have more success as a student getting an in person education rather than remote learning and I would expect work to be a similar outcome. 

Would you like like/expect the company to pay for your education?

If I decided to go to graduate school and the company thought that would be a good idea for me long term I would wishfully think they would cover my tuition. I think that would be more likely if my employer was a large scale organization. If they elected not to pay for it I would understand and consider the best options for me going forward. 

What benefits would you expect?

As an employee I would expect to have a good health insurance plan provided to me and my family. Outside of that I would not have many other expectations but would enjoy some paid vacation days. 

Where would you like to work?

I would enjoy to work in a growing city such as raleigh that has fair weather year round. I would try and stay away from the larger metropolitan cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Leading up to graduation I anticipate to look into Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington and more.

Do you want to work at one company for a long time or gain new experiences every so often at different companies?

In the beginning of my professional career I would be open to having each job for just a couple of years until moving onto a job that might be better suited to me. As I grow older and start a family I will want job stability and to work somewhere for an extended period of time so my family does not have to move around. 

Would you prefer working at a large scale company or somewhere a bit smaller? 

Personally, I dont have a preference regarding the size of the company. What is most important to me is job security and then factors such as pay, location, etc.

Do you want a job that grants you the ability to be promoted?

I think that I would definitely want the opportunity to have a promotion that leads to increased pay and benefits. This would give me some extra drive and motivate me to strive towards that. 

How far would you be willing to commute to work?

The answer to this question is very reliant on my pay as well as other factors. If I am making really good money and enjoy my office environment I would be willing to commute a good distance. Ideally I would hope not to have to commute more than 45 minutes.

Can coworkers impact weather you accept the job or not?

I would strongly prefer to work with individuals that I can conversate with and enjoy being around them. With that being said, the most important thing is securing a job and if that requires working with people I really dislike than that is just what I will have to do.

Would you prefer working mainly in a team or individually?

I don’t necessarily have a preferenfence and am willing to do both. I think a solid team could be more enjoyable and make time go by faster but that is if the team works well together. 

Do you want routine work matterial?

It would be difficult for me to work on the same exact thing every day but I do enjoy consistency. I think I would be bets equipped to work on tasks that are very similar but there is some variation of side projects and other thinks I would accomplish as well. 

Do you want to have some creative freedom?

Yes, I would enjoy being able to do things that are best suited for my abilities as long as I am doing the job effectively.

Creativity Blog

I would describe creativity by expanding on the ordinary. What I mean by that is an individual looking at something and making it unique to themselves by using their imagination and developing something that is viewed in a new light. This definition is pretty broad, and creativity may vary depending on what is being created but I believe the underlying principle of creativity is the creation of something that expresses how you feel or your personality in a way that can be understood by others. 

I believe the importance of confidence in writing can vary depending on what type of writing is being done. If an author is in the process of publishing a children’s book or a light-hearted fiction novel confidence may not necessarily be overly stressed. On the other hand, the writing we are diving into this semester requires a high level of confidence. The business world can get intense and when under pressure confidence can be the difference between success or failure. It is important when addressing co-workers and superiors you articulate yourself in a way that displays the confidence of your character. That will go a long way in the workplace. Through my personal experience, I gained the majority of my confidence from becoming comfortable while being uncomfortable. What I mean by this is whether it be in the workplace under a time crunch or pushing yourself in school when you are struggling in a subject, thriving while being uncomfortable results in building a lot of confidence. Another tool to build confidence is your image. A lot of professional athletes quote the saying “you look good you feel good, you feel good you play good, you play good they pay good”. Although that is a statement regarding sports, I believe it’s applicable to the business world and building up the confidence to perform well through your image. 

Something I genuinely enjoy doing is watching sports, particularly the Carolina Hurricanes. Fortunately for me, my boss happens to be a Hurricanes fan as well and I have utilized my knowledge on this team to build a connection with my boss by talking about games, players, etc. Another thing I would consider bringing into workplace conversation is music. I have yet to come across an individual who dislikes music altogether. Although everyone has a different taste in genres and artists it is a relatable concept that can be talked about whether that be conversating about a live performance you have recently seen or upcoming bands and musicians who are expected to perform. 

The key concept I took away and agreed within the book steal like an artist is to be active. In the current state of the world, it isn’t hard to not actively go chase what you want to get done. It can be hard to find motivation during this pandemic, but it is crucial to be proactive and take the necessary steps to help yourself succeed in the long run. In this reading, there wasn’t anything that really stood out that I completely disagreed with but rather I believed some points to be more applicable and realistic to how we go about our days than other concepts.


Hello, my name is Carson Clapp and I am a transfer junior studying business administration. Originally, I spent my first year of college attending East Carolina University and was still trying to get a grasp on what I wanted to do following graduation. After a year at East Carolina, I concluded the opportunities here at North Carolina State were more promising for me in particular. Last year I enrolled as an agroecology and sustainability major, taking a wide range of courses. As the spring classes began to transition to an online setting, I finally arrived at the basic understanding that I wanted to get involved in the business world after my time here in Raleigh.

I have never been the strongest writer, especially when it comes to topics I am not super interested in. With that being said, I believe I have the tools it takes to be successful at writing. I anticipate this class to strengthen my skills by segwaying my ability to communicate with people through spoken conversation into a professionally written form. Due to transferring not only schools but majors as well, my professional experience has been limited during my first two years of college. Thankfully this past fall semester I was able to start an internship at RGA investments. One of my duties as an intern is sending out newsletters and emailing clients so this class will be immediately applicable to strengthening my professional career. 

If I had to give an example of how I express my creativity I would say a more unorthodox way by choosing sports. My friends and I often play golf and pick up basketball for exercise and I think we all have our own style of playing. Another way I express my creativity is my music taste. I would classify myself as having a very wide range of genres I prefer listening to and I think that is somewhat unique to me. 

For my personality type, I got ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging). For the most part, I would agree with this personality breakdown. I think the car model was very accurate when it came to my driver and co piolet. A portion of the Driver section states “Crafts wonderful memories. Focuses on the importance of family, friends, and home. Keeps traditions alive for the next generation. Has a fantastic memory for detail.”. For the co piolet section, it states “Gives opportunity to show love in a balanced way. Understands complex social structures and unspoken social constructs. Helps others meet their needs.”. Both of these statements can be applied to how I approach a lot of things in my opinion. This was the first time I have taken a personality test and I thought it was pretty interesting to think about how businesses could incorporate these in their hiring process. 

By the end of this course, I hope to develop and improve upon existing strategies pertaining to my ability to articulate myself in a professional manner as well as eliminating more basic grammatical errors that I make.