The job I deserve!

Building a personal set of criteria is a must before searching for a job. Sometimes, we are interested in a career, but we do not know exactly what it involves. Besides our skills and experience to be successful in our career, other factors such as the way it will affect our personal life and whether or not it will fit our personality need to be taken into account for a fulfilled professional career.  Setting our personal criteria will define what we expect from a job and it will guide us toward the job that will fill our needs and wants.

Location is important not only because it defines our environment but also it affects our salary. It is essential to think about short-term and long-term goals when deciding about a job location. Do we want to adapt to our career’s needs or do we want to choose a job depending on our location? Personally, I want to get a job in the area/city where I live to stay close to my family and friends, but I do not mind traveling if I really like the position offered.

How To Know Your Worth and Get The Salary That You Deserve

We have spent so many years studying to have the work we deserve, so salary matters. My desired salary range depends on the job requirements and the location. This is going to be my second degree, I have some experience, and I speak four languages, so I just want to make sure I get my future employee to pay me the salary I deserve, but honestly, I need to do more research to set a salary range as it is important before we accept an offer, and money influences our motivation to work.

I would like to have coworkers who are accountable to facilitate the working process so that no one will be frustrated. They would be respectful people too, because I think respect is important in any workplace to strengthen relationships and to boost motivation and productivity. I would like a friendly and warm office environment where I feel so comfortable to work that a hard day will not create a high stress level thanks to the way employees collaborate and care about each other. I know IT companies create such work environments building their reputation of being the best places to work in (a reason why I would love to work in an IT company). People spend more time working than doing anything. Therefore, the work environment matters. Regarding my desired pace of work, I guess I would prefer to know how each day is going to be as it is less stressful, but sometimes improvised days can be exciting to break the routine.

Some tasks I would be excited about are group projects and meetings, because I think it would give me the opportunity to share and to learn from others. Additionally, team-works/meetings give the opportunity to everyone to point out any concern about the work, and they require collaboration, which makes the work environment more pleasant. I do not like presentations, but I am well aware of their importance in any organization, so I guess I just have to be ready for that.

I am looking to build a career across multiple companies to diversify my experience, especially during the first ten years of my future career. After that, I do not mind staying and moving up within one company until I retire.

Creativity by Adja

In my opinion, creativity is the ability to create things using our imagination. The definition in the book “Steal Like an Artist” is relevant, because to create something it makes more sense to start from nothing. I think creativity is more valuable when people have limited resources.

Confidence is important to writing, because I think it is the fuel of writing. It enhances creativity and makes a story more interesting. Confidence makes ideas more organized and coherent, because a confident writer knows exactly what he or she is doing: he or she knows he wants to relate a story and will make it as relevant as possible.

I think no one is 100% confident. As human-beings, we have strengths and weaknesses, and our experiences and backgrounds play a role in our confidence level. Because life is not static, and we are dedicated to various activities, our skills and environment also define our confidence. It is necessary to be surrounded by people who support and motivate us, people who believe in us and create a positive atmosphere around us. When I am in an environment where I feel comfortable, I feel more confident. Practice is another way to build confidence when it is due to a lack of skills; I think the more talented and skilled we are, the more confident we are likely to be.

I genuinely enjoy talking with people to get to know them better, especially when we are work-related. We are all different, and I think knowing people’s personalities, values, and beliefs help facilitate our relationships with them. It prevents conflicts, favors respect, and eases communication, which is a key factor in any work environment. Perhaps genuinely smiling at my coworkers will bring positivity and some stress-free moments; anyway, it is part of my personality, I will have to take it with me! 

The best piece of advice in the book is to “stay out of debt”. Enjoying life does not necessarily require a lot of expenses. Besides the basic needs, everything else is extra. It is important to spend money on things that we love if we can afford them; otherwise, we should avoid unnecessary expenses, especially when we are young and have specific objectives. It is just a matter of time, sooner or later, if we are financially secure, we will be able to spend more money. “Make friends and ignore enemies” is another advice I value. Unanimity does not exist, and positivity starts when we decide to see only the good things. Taking into account only people who like us makes us happier. Moreover, it saves time and enables us to be more focused on the priorities. That has always been my philosophy, and today more than ever, I think it is a must to apply it in our lives if we want to be successful and happy! 

“Marry well” is a good piece of advice, but we do not know until we get into it. I believe most people get married because they fall in love, and they do not take other factors into account. I agree the person we marry is a lifetime partner, if we are lucky to be with the right one, it will impact our life positively, but some people change, so I think marriage and luck are strongly related.


Hello! My name is Adja Ndiaye. I was born in Senegal in West Africa and raised in France. I have a degree in International Business in France, but when I came in the US, I decided to go back to school to get a second degree for more jobs’ opportunities. In addition, I thought it was the best way to practice the language, make new friends, and adjust to my new life. I live in Apex in North Carolina.

I am a junior in Accounting, and I plan on working towards a career in audit or business analysis. Yes, I love numbers! I think data is the most accurate and reliable information. That does not mean I hate writing. I love writing! In my opinion, it is the most genuine way of expression. When I write, I feel free and more inspired. Although my major is more based on data, I enjoy my writing classes, especially because writing in English is more challenging, since it is my second language. I pay a particular attention to business communication as it excludes self-expression, and it follows specific standards.

I did two internships in Customer Relations Management to fulfill my degree requirements in France. After I graduated, I worked as a Junior Export Manager at DHL France for two years before coming to the US. My background taught me the importance of communication, and its impact in our relationships with others, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, this pandemic has affected my life so that I have decided to dedicate myself to new activities. Thus, I organize weekly Zoom meetings with my friends who live abroad. We talk about various topics related to personal development, and we learn from our different experiences and perspectives. Other than that, I do sport twice a week, and I cook in any free moment I have; I like trying various recipes to explore new tastes. I am passionate about fashion and interior design; I think both are ways to express my personality, and I like to show it in the way I dress and through my interior décor style.

My MBTI is ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging), which describes well my personality, but I would say I am an extroverted introvert (or an ambivert). My friends say I am an extrovert because I am social. I love interacting with others and making sure everyone feels at ease. In addition, I have lived in three different countries, been in a boarding school for middle school and high school, met people with different backgrounds, which gave me the strength to adjust easily to any environment. Nevertheless, I can be very reserved when I first meet people. Furthermore, I cannot maintain a large social network even if I care about people. I’d rather focus on few close relationships.

I look forward to learning more about the English business writing process/style. I expect this course will help me be more prepared to my future professional career, and of course my main goal is to have a good grade in this course.