What I want

I will take any job.

The pandemic job market,

is extremely weak.

-A Haiku by Justin

I wish I could leave our blog with a colorful artistic piece this week but unfortunately this seems more of a Q&A type session. Please enjoy!

What is your desired salary range?

I would like somewhere between 40K – 50K. I don’t have much relevant work experience which would hinder my job application however I have solid relevant coursework which displays my entrepreneurial experience and extracurricular experience which shows my ability to work as a team and problem solve with others.

Does location matter?

Somewhat. I would like to relocate to the ATX area. I have a close friend there and I am looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly place to live so this seems like a place that would make a good fit. If I found a company who would like to have me in another geographical area I would be ok with that but we would have to discuss further. Something big in Texas, California, and NYC would definitely be hard to turn down.

What kind of coworkers/management style would you like?

I think flexible and transparent coworkers would be the best fit for me. I am looking into following a management pathway and would like my team members that are able to adapt and overcome challenges that we may face as a team as I lead them in a direct style of management.

What kind of office environment would you like?

I would prefer a hybrid style focusing on both virtual and in person format. I really enjoy some of the convenience of having a virtual workspace such as decreased commute, time for more sleep, etc. but I also genuinely miss face-to-face interaction with other human beings.

Do you prefer a settled routine or a spontaneous pace of work?

I prefer a more spontaneous pace of work. A settled routine honestly seems nice for a while but would leave me empty wanting more. I really would enjoy a workplace where I can have new challenges everyday.

Are you open to work travel?

Yes, Yes, YES! I would absolutely love to travel and see different parts of the world. I think it would be really interesting if I could see all of the different cities across the United States and even travel internationally (I’ve never been out of the United States).

Would you rather stay and move up within one company or are you looking to build a career across multiple companies / industries?

This is a really interesting question. Ideally, I would like to find new positions within one company but realistically I doubt I would find such an arrangement. Also, I think finding new positions in different companies would really allow me to adapt my professional skillset and find new ways to grow my career path.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’m not entirely sure. Being a rising senior who has no idea what their first out of college job will be, I’d like to think I would be settled down with a partner and have some established sense of life working a challenging and flexible job as a leader to my peers.

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