What Do You Want?

So many people get caught up in wondering if the employers view them to be a good fit when applying for a job, but never stop and think if the company they are applying for is really a good fit for themselves. Personal Criteria is so important when searching for a job, things such as what you enjoy doing? How much money do you want to be making? What type of environment do you want to work in? These are just a few of the many questions you need to be asking yourself before deeply considering a job position. Next I want to share my personal criteria with you and I hope it allows you to think of what you would want for yourself.

What do you enjoy doing?

Personally, I enjoy being physically active, I love being outdoors, playing and watching sports and being around my friends. These are some things that I would love to implement into a future job, especially the aspect of being active and potentially being outdoors I think would be super enjoyable and exciting.

What type of salary are you looking for?

More money is always a plus to everyone and I am no exception to that within reason, if there is the opportunity for a higher salary then that’s great, however I value having lots of free time and enjoying life more than I do making boatloads of money. After all what does it matter how much you make if you never have time in your life to put it to use.

What type of coworkers would you like?

Coworkers for some are aren’t a big deal and go with or without them, for me coworkers are almost an essential for me. If I am to hold down a job for, lets say 15 years, I am going to have to be surrounded by the same people for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. I want those people to be enjoyable to be around and ultimately make lots of friends within my work. If I have a job where I can’t talk freely to some I feel like I would become frustrated and eventually end up quitting.

What environment are you wanting to work in?

My preferred work environment would being up, moving around and not tied to a desk and computer all day. I feel that I stay much more efficient and motivated when up and out of a chair. I also want to have flexibility within my job. I want to be able to make my own decisions and achieve the companies goals through my own way.

Overall everyone is completely different when it comes to personal criteria. Some things that can affect your personal criteria is your age and if you have a family as a few examples. These are interesting since they change over time and you adapt to your surroundings. You may totally prefer to work from a desk crunching numbers, or maybe you want the social aspect with coworkers above all else. Whatever it is just make sure to ask yourself, what do you want?

One Reply to “What Do You Want?”

  1. Hey Zach! I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree that we often forget to ask ourselves what we truly want out of a job. It is so easy to just go to whatever company hires your first, without thinking about what you want out of the job. Looking at who you will work with for the next couple of years of your life is so important! I like reaching out to people at the individual office I am interested in to get a feel for their office culture. Thank you for sharing! – Lauren

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