Creativity in Business Communication

After understanding the concept of creative works as defined in the excerpt Steal Like an Artist, I would personally define creativity as the melting pot of the world’s ancestor’s ideas. Whether it was my parents or grandparents or someone else’ great, great, great, great grandmother’s idea, it all adds to the collective pot of inspiration the modern world can draw from. 

I would say confidence is important in every deliberate decision you make, especially what you choose to say in your writing. It is one of the worst places to put one foot in and one foot out. Whether you are simply writing an email, a paper, or maybe even a book, if you do not confidently say what you want to, your words will either be misinterpreted or come off as watered down and ineffective. 

To build confidence, I believe you need to blend the intentionality about your work and take the assumption of risk . If you question what you are going to say or how to phrase it, how can you possibly effectively say what you intended to? On top of this, you also cannot be creative without taking risks. If you never take risks in your work, you are not making anything creative, you are sitting in your comfort zone. By leaving the bubble, you can build your confidence in the unknown, which further trickles down into your confidence into the known. 

Honestly, I love storytelling. Whether it is in music, in film, on paper, online, or any other way, I discovered that it was the best way for me to express myself a long time ago, and I stand by that to this day. I think what I can and have recently started doing is bringing my wordplay into my work writing. I have found that it allows me to more eloquently express what I want to say compared to how I used to write professional papers. It took me from an elementary phase to a slightly more advanced way of writing.

One thing that really stuck out to me was when he was describing how the art from artists of the past made it feel as if their ghosts were there in the room with him keeping him company. It reminded me of one of my favorite song lyrics “one day we’ll all be ghosts, tripping around in someone else’s home.” and I feel as if both the author of this book and the author to those lyrics are trying to convey the same message, that legacy is everything. It motivates people to do something with their lives and it inspires what they decided to do based off of that previous motivation. I believe that is one of the greatest thoughts to dwell on, what can the past offer you and how do you use it to its fullest extent? 

The biggest thing I disagree on is the immediacy of Google that was stressed in this excerpt. I believe it is healthy to urge people to instinctively use their own minds and strain their critical thought before allowing an algorithm to immediately give it to you. 

3 Replies to “Creativity in Business Communication”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and your different outlooks on confidence and creativity. That is really cool that you see creativity as a large culmination of ideas from a group of people rather than a single idea from one person.

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    1. (Sorry, I don’t know why it cut off but I had more to say about your post!)

      I think that bringing in your love for storytelling into writing is a great idea! I am sure that there is some overlap in developing your confidence and creativity in both. What has been your favorite story that you have gotten to tell? Nice job!

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      1. Without a doubt my favorite story I have gotten to tell was my own personal story through an album I got to make with my friends. They all gathered around me during a very difficult stage during my life and helped me create something that would lead to help me and others process what we had been through. I find song writing a very valuable talent that can help process emotions like no other task.

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