Creativity by Adja

In my opinion, creativity is the ability to create things using our imagination. The definition in the book “Steal Like an Artist” is relevant, because to create something it makes more sense to start from nothing. I think creativity is more valuable when people have limited resources.

Confidence is important to writing, because I think it is the fuel of writing. It enhances creativity and makes a story more interesting. Confidence makes ideas more organized and coherent, because a confident writer knows exactly what he or she is doing: he or she knows he wants to relate a story and will make it as relevant as possible.

I think no one is 100% confident. As human-beings, we have strengths and weaknesses, and our experiences and backgrounds play a role in our confidence level. Because life is not static, and we are dedicated to various activities, our skills and environment also define our confidence. It is necessary to be surrounded by people who support and motivate us, people who believe in us and create a positive atmosphere around us. When I am in an environment where I feel comfortable, I feel more confident. Practice is another way to build confidence when it is due to a lack of skills; I think the more talented and skilled we are, the more confident we are likely to be.

I genuinely enjoy talking with people to get to know them better, especially when we are work-related. We are all different, and I think knowing people’s personalities, values, and beliefs help facilitate our relationships with them. It prevents conflicts, favors respect, and eases communication, which is a key factor in any work environment. Perhaps genuinely smiling at my coworkers will bring positivity and some stress-free moments; anyway, it is part of my personality, I will have to take it with me! 

The best piece of advice in the book is to “stay out of debt”. Enjoying life does not necessarily require a lot of expenses. Besides the basic needs, everything else is extra. It is important to spend money on things that we love if we can afford them; otherwise, we should avoid unnecessary expenses, especially when we are young and have specific objectives. It is just a matter of time, sooner or later, if we are financially secure, we will be able to spend more money. “Make friends and ignore enemies” is another advice I value. Unanimity does not exist, and positivity starts when we decide to see only the good things. Taking into account only people who like us makes us happier. Moreover, it saves time and enables us to be more focused on the priorities. That has always been my philosophy, and today more than ever, I think it is a must to apply it in our lives if we want to be successful and happy! 

“Marry well” is a good piece of advice, but we do not know until we get into it. I believe most people get married because they fall in love, and they do not take other factors into account. I agree the person we marry is a lifetime partner, if we are lucky to be with the right one, it will impact our life positively, but some people change, so I think marriage and luck are strongly related.

4 Replies to “Creativity by Adja”

  1. I honestly did not even relate that piece of advice to creativity. I like how you applied it, but I really agree with it a lot. I have always lived relatively minimally and saved all of the rest of my money because debt brings on unneeded stress. However, I disagree with how you feel about marriage. (Maybe that is just because I am married.) My (now) husband and I took so many factors into account when getting married rather than just how we felt about each other. We were very logical and smart about it, and I feel like everyone should think that way when going into marriage because it is a huge life-long commitment.

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  2. Hey Adja, first and foremost, I wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I thought you made a really good point about how it makes sense for creative works to be made from nothing. That being said, that was not the meaning for creativity that I derived from “Steal Like an Artist.” I do agree with the fact that some creative works are truly original. However, I wouldn’t say creativity is more valuable when people have limited resources. I genuinely believe that the most creative and successful people build on the ideas of others. Take singers for example, in the majority of interviews I have watched of artists, each and everyone one of them have talked about their musical inspirations, basically, the people who motivated them to go on their own musical ventures. I personally write and produce songs as a hobby, and I would definitely say that the artists I listen to have a big impact on on my sound and style. Lastly, I really liked the quote you included, “make friends and ignore enemies.” I’ve had too many instances in my life where people I consider friends didn’t have my best interest in mind. As I’ve gotten older and deeper into my studies, I’ve put more of an emphasis on success. I took a step back and noticed the individuals within my life who were hindering my progress. I now stay away from those individuals and only hangout with those individual’s whose mindset aligns with mine, the ones who want to make something out of themselves. All in all, thank you for sharing, it was a pleasure to read your post!

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  3. Hey there Adja, I enjoyed reading your blog. When talking about confidence I found it interesting that you said no one is 100% confident. This is something I had never thought of as there are many people with very large egos I am quick to judge at times. I agree it is best to be surrounded by well minded peers if seeking the best out of a situation. Great post!

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  4. Hey Adja, I would agree that no one is 100 percent confident and that we all have strengths and weaknesses to our writing. I also would add to that though, confidence is also determined by the subject you are writing about. Me personally, I would be much more confident in writing something about sports rather than about cats for instance. Being confident in your writing goes a long ways and part of that comes from the subject.

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