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Personally, I would describe creativity as using your imagination or expanding on your experiences as a way to express yourself or communicate with others. Creativity goes beyond verbal communication. This communication can be done through music, songs, art, writing and more.

I think that confidence is important in writing because you need to come off like you are sure of yourself and know what you are talking about. Sometimes you need to persuade people or present an idea that you want others to get on board with. Especially if you’re writing in the business world. You want your co-workers/superiors to take you seriously (not take advantage of you because they see you as unsure of yourself) and be able to follow what you are saying and understand it. I think there are many ways to build your confidence. I would say one way is to dress in clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Put on makeup if it makes you feel more confident. I would also say that confidence is boosted when you speak to yourself in the mirror and saying thinks like “you’re smart”, “you’re funny”, “you’re strong” etc. Being kind to yourself and taking care of yourself will make you feel better about yourself and in turn boost your confidence. I also think the people you surround yourself with can help you feel more confident. You want to be around people who lift you up and support what you do. Be close to people that think you’re a great person and genuinely like you. All of this is easier said than done, but I do think these techniques are helpful in boosting confidence.

I genuinely enjoy working out, baking/cooking and painting. I enjoy working out on my own time because I get to choose what I want to do. Im not big on running, but I enjoy yoga, mixed cardio, dancing and strengthening my muscles. I love to bake because there’s a precision to it and the work in the end pays off because its delicious and sometimes pretty like a cake or a pastry. On the other hand, I like cooking because most of the time you can get creative with it and just throw stuff in and it is normally still delicious. Lately, Ive been really into paint by numbers. Im not good at painting on my own, but paint by numbers require focus and patience. I like the distraction of it because it takes away from my stress and relaxes me. I think I can bring these activities into my work in a suttle way. From working out I learned how to push myself and work hard. From baking/cooking I learned how to be creative and how spontaneity can make things better. From painting I learned how to focus and be patient. I can take all of these traits into my career.

The advice that I liked in “Steal Like An Artist” is literally on the eleventh page. It basically states that you are what you choose to let into your life and that we are the sum of our influences. To me it meant that if you let bad people into your life or put yourself into bad situations then you’re a bad person and you’ll feel like a bad person. If you let good people into your life and put yourself in good situations then you’re a good person and you’ll feel like a good person. Our genes don’t really make us, but it’s what we surround ourselves with that does. Just because your great uncle on your moms side was a sociopath and just because you’re related to him doesn’t mean you’re a sociopath. You can surround yourself with good things and you’ll be a good person. I think it’s a hopeful way of looking at things. I also enjoy the saying “fake it till you make it”. My dad says some kind of rendition to that. What I disagree with from this book, honestly, is nothing. I think it had great insights and maybe if something didn’t apply to you, it can still apply to others!

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  1. Hi Grace!
    I also found this advice from “Steal Like An Artist” to mean that what we let into our lives is essentially what we will get out of it. I agree that it is a hopeful to look at life in this way. The ones you love the most are the people you would typically be around, and if you are anyhting like those who you love then you are someone you would love.

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