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Hey all! I hope everyone is having a fantastic semester and staying safe! I am glad the topic of this blog is creativity because I feel like during these unprecedented times, it is all we have to keep us entertained.

After reading “Steal Like an Artist”, I noticed how the author’s and my thought on creativity are very similar. In my opinion, creativity is not something that everyone is born with, it has to be experienced. Creativity is how people are inspired to invent new things, explore the world, and anything that possibly relates to the imagination. Those who have experienced creativity have an imagination that can expand to infinite ideas and thoughts. In “Steal Like an Artist”, Austin Kleon has the same view on creativity. He believes that nobody’s thoughts and ideas are original. Everyone has experienced something, either through a concert, seminar, lecture, sports event, etc., and made it better or used that idea to create something new and improved by using their creativity and imagination.

Confidence is very important to writing. I believe it is one of the key aspects that goes into writing a great paper. If a writer starts writing a paper with zero confidence, it will turn out bland and boring. Even someone who has a moderate amount of confidence will not have a great paper. This is because the person might have confidence in one area of the paper and not another. Say a person was given a topic to research and he or she absolutely had no idea what to write about. Being assigned this topic was already a confidence “downer” because the person believes that he or she will not be able to write about the topic to their best of their ability because they do not know anything about it. They begin writing their paper and they gain a little confidence because their introduction is good. Then, they start writing the body paragraphs and lose their confidence because they realize the subject they are talking about is boring. Once the paper is done and the only thing that the writer is feeling confident about is the introduction and the conclusion, the paper will not be good. If the writer thinks the paper is boring, the audience will think it is boring. From experience, this happens a lot to me when I am assigned a research paper for a certain class. This is where creativity comes into play. Once you start to realize your paper is becoming tiring and boring, take a moment and see how you can make it better. Once you work hard to make it better, you gain more confidence and have a better written paper.

I genuinely enjoy helping people and spending time with family and friends. I could bring what I enjoy most into my work by helping customers to the best of my ability so that I know they are satisfied. In the future, I aspire to become a lawyer and their main responsibility is to help their clients receive justice or find assistance for them. Helping people is what I want to do for a living because it is something I enjoy so much. At work, I always consider my co-workers my friends. To build connections with my co-workers, I could spend time with them outside of work. It would be beneficial to the workplace to have co-workers who get along and know a little about each other.

On page 21 in “Steal Like an Artist”, Austin Klean says, “save your thefts for later”. He encourages his readers to start bringing a notebook and pencil everywhere they go and write down everything they hear and see that interests them. Then, he explains that this notebook will come in handy when you are feeling creative and need some inspiration. This was definitely one of the best pieces of advice that he gives in his book. I will definitely try to start doing this, if not with pen and paper, then the notes section of my phone. This is a great idea because you never know when you get a spark of creativity and want to elaborate on an idea to make it better. There is nothing that I disagree with in “Steal Like an Artist”, but the one thing that I could argue is when the author says that, “nothing is original”. I believe that even when ideas are “stolen”, but are improved or reworked, they should be considered original. I know that the idea was taken from someone else, but the way that the person had the creativity and imagination to make it better and not leave it alone makes it original.

4 Replies to “Creativity Blog: Mary Beth Cole”

  1. Hi Mary Beth! Thank you so much for sharing! I love that you put your own spin on the book, its ideas, and concepts (signs of a true writer). I do want to say, I think that creativity is something we are all born with. Not everyone expresses it, not everyone is artistic, and not everyone is a good learner. However, we each have the ability to come up with ideas, small or large, that impact us and the world around us. As far as confidence, I lobe your excerpt on repetition and practice. I feel the same way in that we can never be truly confident if we never try. You have some amazing points, and I think your perspective is great! Keep up the good work!

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  2. Hi Mary Beth! I agree with you when you say that if a paper has zero confidence then its not gonna be a very interesting paper. I find that if I’m not interested in a topic and don’t really wanna write it my grade isn’t as good as when I write about topics I’m interested in. Thats why I always think its important that a teacher lets a student pick what they wanna write about. It benefits the student because they’ll probably get a better grade and it benefits the teacher because the student wrote with confidence which probably means it’ll be a interesting read.

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  3. Hey Mary Beth! I totally agree with what you said about the importance of confidence in writing. If you wouldn’t want to read it then no one else will. I also think that it is really important to step away on occasion to reaccess what you are writing about. That’s awesome that you hang out with your so-workers outside of work. I did that a lot before COVID came around and ruined it.

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  4. I agree that confidence is necessary when writing a great paper. I know when I’m writing I also take breaks when I’m having trouble having everything flow together properly. Creativity is definitely a massive factor when writing. I also agree that original ideas should include ones that have been improved or reworked from other ideas.

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