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I would describe creativity by expanding on the ordinary. What I mean by that is an individual looking at something and making it unique to themselves by using their imagination and developing something that is viewed in a new light. This definition is pretty broad, and creativity may vary depending on what is being created but I believe the underlying principle of creativity is the creation of something that expresses how you feel or your personality in a way that can be understood by others. 

I believe the importance of confidence in writing can vary depending on what type of writing is being done. If an author is in the process of publishing a children’s book or a light-hearted fiction novel confidence may not necessarily be overly stressed. On the other hand, the writing we are diving into this semester requires a high level of confidence. The business world can get intense and when under pressure confidence can be the difference between success or failure. It is important when addressing co-workers and superiors you articulate yourself in a way that displays the confidence of your character. That will go a long way in the workplace. Through my personal experience, I gained the majority of my confidence from becoming comfortable while being uncomfortable. What I mean by this is whether it be in the workplace under a time crunch or pushing yourself in school when you are struggling in a subject, thriving while being uncomfortable results in building a lot of confidence. Another tool to build confidence is your image. A lot of professional athletes quote the saying “you look good you feel good, you feel good you play good, you play good they pay good”. Although that is a statement regarding sports, I believe it’s applicable to the business world and building up the confidence to perform well through your image. 

Something I genuinely enjoy doing is watching sports, particularly the Carolina Hurricanes. Fortunately for me, my boss happens to be a Hurricanes fan as well and I have utilized my knowledge on this team to build a connection with my boss by talking about games, players, etc. Another thing I would consider bringing into workplace conversation is music. I have yet to come across an individual who dislikes music altogether. Although everyone has a different taste in genres and artists it is a relatable concept that can be talked about whether that be conversating about a live performance you have recently seen or upcoming bands and musicians who are expected to perform. 

The key concept I took away and agreed within the book steal like an artist is to be active. In the current state of the world, it isn’t hard to not actively go chase what you want to get done. It can be hard to find motivation during this pandemic, but it is crucial to be proactive and take the necessary steps to help yourself succeed in the long run. In this reading, there wasn’t anything that really stood out that I completely disagreed with but rather I believed some points to be more applicable and realistic to how we go about our days than other concepts.

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  1. Hi! I really enjoyed reading your post on creativity. I liked reading about your different perspective on when a writer may need more or less confidence. I had not thought about a writer writing something low-stress and how that may impact your needed confidence levels. I agree with become confident by growing through the uncomfortableness to get to comfort! You can develop a lot when you push yourself past your limits. I also think that being active was a great takeaway from the book, especially during COVID. Nice job!

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  2. Hey Carson! I think it is very interesting regarding your views on low stress writing to enhance confidence. I did not think about that approach. I also really like what you said about being uncomfortable and how it can help you grow and become comfortable. Really embracing things that you do no feel comfortable with can oftentimes make you far better in whatever you are doing. I also relate to using sports as a way to connect with peer if it is of interest to them. Its a great way to enhance confidence and workplace creativity. Your main takeaway about creativity is also great! Your definition is very well thought out and relatable! Great work!

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