Blog #2: Creativity

Creativity is something used to describe out of the box thinking. Creativity is not born out of just one specific field like painting or music, it can come from anything at any time. When someone says something is creative, it is because that person was not thinking in that train of thought. Creativity has many different definitions, but most revolve around the idea of abstract thinking.

Confidence is a huge component of expressing creative ideas or creating abstract work. Confidence is especially important when it comes to writing and it is very similar to expressing creativity. Writing with confidence lets you really express your thoughts and ideas without limiting yourself and your full writing potential. If you are not able to write with confidence, then your writing may be underdeveloped and lack creativity. Writing with confidence is a sign that you are comfortable with your own words and are willing to stand by your word.

However, not having any confidence when it comes to writing is not uncommon. This may be because of unpleasant experiences that can diminish confidence. A way that you can develop confidence is to continue writing and not worrying about any harsh criticisms. Embracing that criticism is also a strong way to gain confidence, as it will help you develop a better understanding of what kind of writer you want to be. Constantly practicing and learning to get better is a great tool to gain confidence in anything. Criticism can also be a huge motivational tool that can improve writing and other tasks.

Perhaps the thing that I enjoy the most would be weightlifting, which differs from writing in a lot of ways. However, there are many ways that I can use this hobby to enhance my writing. Building confidence through practice and learning from criticism are already two fantastic tools that I use to help my writing and those serve a great purpose in the things that I enjoy. Another way I can use my hobby to help my writing could come in the form of creativity. Utilizing many different exercises to help me achieve goals is a way that I express my creativity on a daily basis. Using different methods and exercises to diversify and strengthen my writing could be a fantastic tool.

Some good pieces from the book Steal Like an Artist that I wish to take away involve the concept of imitation vs emulation and stepping away from the computer screen. When it comes to imitation and emulation, I feel like I often try to imitate my role models instead of taking what makes those people special and applying to my own self. Emulating my role models will actually allow me to positively influence my life in ways that playing copycat cannot. Stepping away from the computer screen is also a fantastic idea that I need to apply in my daily schedule. Oftentimes I feel like trying to create something on the computer robs it of true beauty since it is mostly a collection of codes and data. Bringing my body into my work will help my brain work better.

A part of the book that I disagreed with involves the idea of limiting what you share. I say this because I feel that hard working people will not steal your ideas, but will often improve upon them. This is how we improve in our own creativity because it creates competition between true innovators. Secrets have their own appeal, but it comes to changing the world it should not be for a personal desire to acquire more. If you are so confident in your ideas, then sharing them should not hurt you as much as you think.

3 Replies to “Blog #2: Creativity”

  1. I like your analogy of weightlifting and writing. That is pretty impressive you can use your variety of weightlifting techniques as an inspiration to develop your writing skills in such variation. Criticism is always an integral part of your progress and improvement in everything you do. To use that criticism and draw inspiration from other sources like your weightlifting hobby could be a great way to build positive energy and escape out of the negativity.

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  2. I thoroughly agree with the confidence requirement for making creative works. I do not think anyone should step in with only one foot with whatever they may be making. Being timid with what you create can hinder its value or even worse, its effect on others.

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