Confidence and Creativity, What Are They and Why Are They Important?

Creativity is a situation whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. Creativity is most commonly thought of as being entirely original. However, I’m here to tell you that nothing is completely original. All creative work builds on what came before them. Creativity is simply a mashup of great ideas into one new and unique idea. That being said, creativity is not simply stealing others ideas. A true creative filters out all of the irrelevant ideas and steals only the ones that resonate with their inspiration or fuels their imagination.

There’s the belief in writing that no one bothers to hear what you have to say unless you’re an extremely fascinating individual or an expert on a particular topic. Basically, no one will want to read what you have to say if it doesn’t provide any value. This notion can be very damaging to a writer’s self confidence. The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional or leader to provide value in writing. Think of all the articles and blogs you’ve read in the past year and tell me how many of them you know for certain were written by established writers. This question is hard to answer as it doesn’t really matter if a writer is certified, what matters is their delivery and how confident they are in their message. Tying into the idea of creativity being the result of stolen ideas, don’t be discouraged by other writers. Instead, look at other written works as inspiration, even the best writers started from the bottom. The vast majority lack confidence in their writing because they have a presumption that they’re not as good at writing as others. Unconfident writers feel as if they can’t write up to the standards of professional writers, who have thousands of readers. Confident writers must stay true to themselves. They shouldn’t let others affect their voice within the writing process. Another way of building confidence in your writing is to write for yourself. Too many people look for the affirmation of others to tell them what they are doing is right. In reality, the most successful writers write for themselves first and then everyone else second. Confidence in writing is not a matter of great writing versus basic writing, it’s a matter of having enough self-awareness to know who you are and the value you provide to the community through the inherent perspective of yourself. All in all, self-confidence in writing requires  vulnerability, openness, and honesty. Writers provide the most value when they create a welcoming atmosphere where their message is conveyed in a relatable way.

Two of the things I enjoy doing the most in my free time are designing and writing music. When I began reading Steal Like an Artist, I immediately saw the relevance it had to my own creative ventures. When making music and designing, I always feel the need to create original works. Nowadays, it’s ingrained in people’s heads that they have to be completely original or they will face the risk of copyright infringement. However, after reading this article, I now have a new perspective on the creative process. Basically, it taught me to look at creative works, that I deem good, as inspiration. When you have the perspective that you can’t do something because it has already been done, it makes you too close-minded. When looking at creative works, such as songs or art, that you think are truly outstanding, try and imagine how you can make them better, in your own unique way. I believe that this is really good advice and can easily see its benefits in my own creative process. I look at it like this, every singer wasn’t a superstar overnight. They all started from somewhere, getting inspiration from others until they finally found their own unique and genuine sound. Having this perspective, I feel like it will make the creative process easier. Instead of spending so much time trying to be completely original, I will use the work of others as influence for my own creative works, in an attempt to find my own style.

3 Replies to “Confidence and Creativity, What Are They and Why Are They Important?”

  1. Hey John! I really like what you said about confident writers being true to themselves. If you do not feel comfortable with your own views and thoughts, then you will never be able to find confidence in writing. I also really like your views on getting inspiration from other works to embrace your own creativity. No idea is ever completely original. Creativity comes from taking many ideas that have come before you and using that knowledge to create something special. I also found that part in the book to be very helpful. The concept of writing for yourself and not seeking the affirmation of others is something that I did not think of. Usually we write things for other people, for grades, etc. It is a good way to view writing and how it can matter to you more. Well done!

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  2. Hi John!

    It is always a pleasure to read your posts! I like your writing style. I enjoyed when you talked about confidence in writing; that is an insightful point and a good piece of advice I will keep in mind. Your definition of creativity is very detailed and convincing. Although I value creativity when it starts from nothing, I agree that an external influence can make a big difference as it is a source of inspiration. Do you have a YouTube channel for your music? Do you sing or are you just a music writer?

    Good job and good continuation!

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  3. Well done on this post. Trying to be completely original has been the death of many of my creative endeavors. It’s a weight off the chest to realize that nobody else is completely original either. I also feel like I have a hard time dealing with the “subtraction” part of the creative process. There’s so much I could say, it’s tricky deciding exactly what you want your message to me. Have a good week.

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