Blog 2 – Creativity

I would define creativity as using inspiration from one item to another. This inspiration from one item could or could not have a relationship to the item you are creating out of creativity. For example, you could have creativity because you use the format of a painting as inspiration for a more formal piece of work. You may gain inspiration from the painting that it is more free flowing and has bright and dim colors clash. You could then use that inspiration to spark a creative flow in your writing to have a positive and negative storyline overlap to create a deeper piece. Overall, creativity is just like stealing something and making it into something new.

Confidence is important to writing as it fuels you as a writer. When you are writing on a topic that you have a lot of background knowledge in, you will be more comfortable on the topic. This comfort gives you the platform to write more cohesively as you are not worrying about what you are writing about, only how you are writing. Having confidence while writing gives you the power to keep writing your continuous flow. When you read a piece written by someone that lacks confidence, it may sound choppy or short. Thus, it is important to gain confidence in your writing and to find your voice.

You can build confidence through practicing your writing and validating your work. One should remember that everyone has the ability to write, and the level of your work you are currently at is great. When you accept where you are in your writing, you will be better equipped to start practicing writing and sharing it with others. After you finish your writing, remember to validate yourself and be proud of your accomplishments! While it is great to seek this from others, I believe that it is more important to be proud of yourself. By doing so, you will slowly start to feel your confidence grow.

I genuinely enjoy finding and sharing music with my friends. I thoroughly enjoy creating playlists for my friends when I find a collection of songs that I feel encapsulate an emotion or memory. For instance, I created a playlist for my friend on songs to dance to when you have had a long day or need a mood boost. I can bring this into my work by acting like my sentences are songs and each paragraph is a playlist. If I were to look at my writing like this, it may be easier for me to outline my projects. I could easily break down what I want to get from each paragraph, just like how I do with my playlists. I could then have an easier time making sure I use the write tone, word choices, and theme sentences.

I personally found some really good pieces of advice in the book. One of my favorite pieces of advice was to not wait until you know who you are to start. I personally struggle with feeling like I have to have everything figured out before start a new adventure, so I felt like this piece spoke to me. I am going to try and apply this to all aspects of my life so that I can start living fully now, and not waiting for x, y, or z to happen. Another piece of advice I am going to take with me is to be nice to everyone, the world is a small town. I grew up in a small town and can attest to this statement. It is easy to forget that there are people just like us on the other side of the world that we are connected to. Whether that be due to a supply chain of our favorite pair of shoes from Malaysia, or our neighbor’s uncle that lives in Poland – we are all connected. When you are connected like that, your reputation will proceed you, so you should always try to be nice to everyone.

One piece of advice that I do not completely agree with is to fake it until you make it. I first heard this piece of advice when I was 16 and it negatively impacted me for a while. It made me feel like I constantly had to fake it to others that I had everything together – even when I was ridden with doubts, fear, and anxiety. I was finally able to shake this piece of advice this past year, and hope that everyone takes it with caution. In some cases it can be good to fake it until you make it, but always remember that nobody has it fully together – so try not to put that pressure on yourself. Another piece of advice I did not fully agree with was about writing fan letters. I thought that this piece of advice was a tad strange to be included. I understand that you write them to prove to yourself you don’t need validation from others, but I think there are other ways to go around it. For example, doing a good deed and not telling anyone else about it.

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