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In general, I define creativity as the ability to create something on my own. It could be a simple  expression of oneself into the form of a product that is materialistic or sometimes an idea or emotion. Getting inspired by the things around us that I am passionate about is something that drives my inner thoughts and creations.  I used to think of creativity as a form of art, writing, music or dance. After reading “Steal Like an Artist”, I was able to learn creativity in more depth. He explains that “nothing is original” and when people create something from the idea that has already been in existence, it still expresses their creativity. 

Confidence injects a life into your creativity. Therefore, it is necessary to assert confidence in your writing to express yourself as genuine. Nowadays, readers can easily discern a piece they are reading whether or not it possesses an author’s assertiveness in it. Lack of confidence often results in something that is shallow without any dimension. Such works create lack of empathy in readers as they cannot connect to it or draw relevance to it. In other words, confidence is an expression of seriousness of an individual’s intent. 

There is an old saying “practice makes man perfect”. I believe one of the best ways to build confidence is practice or doing things over and over until you are comfortable doing it. For example, an athlete or a player becomes more and more efficient in his or her skills after long hours of practice over time. This also implies in writing. Consistently writing something with dedication over time builds confidence in an individual’s ability to write with more conviction. 

I enjoy spending time in  my small business. I feel this is where I am most comfortable, productive and creative as I tend to put my effort into it wholeheartedly. I plan to continue on this and build my career in the future. In the book it mentions,  “Don’t wait until you know who you are to get started”. I really like this piece of  advice because I believe that no one is ever going to be ready and be able to figure out what they really want or who they really are. It is great if you are able to figure who you are, but it is not necessary to wait for that moment to begin something. Sometimes you only know your true self after you dive into something and experience it first hand. 

The piece that I disagree with is “Fake it till you make it”.  First of all, I am really bad at pretending to be someone that I am not. It adds unnecessary stress and burden on me and instead I lose focus on my goal as a result of it.  I believe  being honest and learning to accept criticism from others is beneficial to make things right next time.  Making mistakes is not a failure, but learning from those mistakes and moving forward is the path to success. 

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  1. Hey there. I also disagreed with the piece that said to fake it until you make it for many similar reasons to you. I think being true to oneself is so important. I am happy you find your peace in your small business. Many people don’t find comfort in things like that so I am glad you found a place where you are comfortable.

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  2. Hey, first and foremost, I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your post! I genuinely like the points you made, as some of them I didn’t think of. I too, feel as if I already engage in some of the practices mentioned in “Steel Like an Artist.” For instance, things like clothing designs and music I like are what drives my inspiration for my own ventures in those activities. Additionally, I agree with your statement that it is necessary to stay true to yourself if you want to be confident in your writing. Nowadays, too many people look for the affirmation of others to tell them what they are doing is right. I found that the most successful writers write for themselves first and everyone else second. I feel like this also ties into the point you made about disagreeing with the statement, “fake it till you make it.” I truly do believe that it is crucial to stay true to yourself in any matters if you really want to be successful. Lastly, I would have liked to know what type of small business you have, that is really cool! All in all, thank you for sharing, it was a pleasure to read.

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  3. Great post! I agree that we ought to stay true to themselves. I’m not suggesting compromising your principles by tryin to act like something you’re not. But we also should not allow our development to stagnate. It’s my belief that all people will change, whether they want to or not. So we can either be grow reactively based on what happens to us, or we can make the choice to improve. And there’s always room for improvement.

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  4. Did not think about the idea that confidence is what leads to creativity when writing my blog post but I totally agree. Without confidence in your writing it ultimately will end up with dry and boring finished product, but with confidence you’re able to really reach the readers.

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  5. I agree that practice helps create confidence in writing. Without confidence and practice in your writing the final product is usually not a great as it could be otherwise. I also agree with your opinion on “faking it until you make it”, I think it’s important to represent yourself honestly, and it’s best to just admit you need help with something if you need it.

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