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To me, creativity is the process of using your imagination to create something. This can be something abstract like a piece of artwork or something more concrete such as a computer program, if you had to use your imagination to make it, it required creativity. While creativity is something that is very important when it comes to writing, another trait that is necessary when it comes to writing frequently and for an audience is having confidence. Confidence is important to writing because to express yourself and your viewpoint of the world, that often requires you to be sure that your work is good and that your work reflects you honestly, this requires confidence in yourself and your writing abilities.

Personally, for me, I gained confidence being in leadership roles. When I was in high school I was in charge of my school’s robotics team, this led me to feel more confident about myself, which in turn led me to be more confident in my other abilities such as writing. However, since what worked for me isn’t what would work for everyone else, if I were to suggest to anyone wanting to gain confidence in their writing skills I would suggest taking NC State’s creative writing course, ENG 287. Writing for an audience, and finding out what you do well with, and what you could improve on definitely helped me improve my writing. For instance, I found out in my creative writing course that while I can create an engaging story, I also found out I could improve upon writing a better variety of characters, as some of mine would feel similar.

I personally enjoy things such as watching movies, being around friends, and going on runs. For me, bringing those things into my writing is already a reality as those are usually what I go do when I am struggling to come up with how to frame something in my writing. It’s a piece of advice I got from an interview I saw of one of my favorite artists, MF DOOM. The best way to have creativity come to you is to just simply do something else. When it comes to creativity, most ideas are borrowed from other things you enjoy, even if it’s not always the most obvious.

Some of the things from Steal Like An Artist that are pieces of advice I wish to take away are the concept of constantly schooling yourself, instead of imitation trying to go for emulation, writing what you like, and trying to travel more. Some things from Steal Like An Artist that are pieces of advice that I do not plan on taking away are: quit picking fights and go make something, faking it ‘til you make it, and keeping a notebook for a swipe file. I personally think the concept of quitting picking fights and going to make something is something that isn’t really helpful if you use some of the things you see on social media as inspiration, even the fights. I don’t really think faking it ‘til you make it is something that is the most practical advice, I personally think that if you’re unsure about something you should ask for help not pretend you’re one hundred percent confident in what you’re doing. Keeping a swipe file is something that I don’t agree with because I think it’s harder to have your own spin on something when you’re looking at the exact quote or the exact moment in which you’re trying to seek inspiration from.

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  1. Hello!
    I 100% agree that creativity is creating something using your imagination. I believe that if you have to be imaginative to create something, come to a conclusion, or solve a problem, then you are being creative in one way or another. I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s interpretation or creativity in these blog posts. I like that many people have come away from the traditional idea of what creativity is.

    I also agree that creative writing is a great way to build confidence as a writer. I believe this because when you are writing creatively, you are writing for you. This builds your confidence, and allows you to explore different sides of your writing. Creative writing also gives you the opportunity to share your writing with other people to get their feedback, which is another great way to build writing confidence.

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