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Creativity is the ability to use ones imagination to create something. In “Steal Like an Artist” it discussed more in depth the true scope of creativity today. The author stated that nothing created today is truly “original”, all things have been created in some form or another at some point in time and we are all just remixing and doing mashups of previous ideas. With that being said confidence in your work as a writer is extremely important.

As a writer, following this philosophy that nothing is ever truly original, you must hold your work to a high standard and have confidence in what you are creating. If not, you may always question whether your work is just a regurgitated version of something already done. Also, confidence in your work is what makes it your own. It is your ability to put your thoughts and imaginations down in writing and doing that confidently that makes it different from someone else’s writing.

Building your confidence is a lot easier said than done, and although some of the strategies may seem corny they are proven to be effective. One way is to find something you truly enjoy doing and feel you are good at and do more of that activity. Find ways to stay active and ahead so you can feel productive and accomplished, even if it is just cleaning your room or making your bed in the morning. Most importantly is positive self talk. This simply means to condition yourself have confidence by being aware of your thoughts towards yourself. For instance, don’t immediately cut yourself down in your mind when you get a bad grade or forget to do something. Rather, constantly practice affirming yourself in those situations os that your mindset eventually changes.

I love to help others and I hope that in whatever job I eventually have that I can implement this successfully in a way that helps improve the company. In any career I can implement this desire by being active within my department and reaching out to coworkers and offering my assistance and skills wherever needed.

One thing I made specific note of while reading “Steal like an Artist” was, “once you build your tree, start your own branch”. I felt like this was an important point when considering the idea of “originality”, because although you may be working off an idea previously used you will eventually add you own “branch” or spin to it which in a way makes it more your own. Another quote I took away was, “Nobody is born with a style or a voice. We don’t come out of the womb knowing who we are. In the beginning, we learn by pretending to be our heroes. We learn by copying”. These quotes are a reminder to me that I do not have to try so hard to “find myself”, but rather find those I want to be like and go from there. It is even more calming to know that no one was born knowing who they are, we all had to develop our personalities from those we look up to.

Although the idea that nothing is original could be a problematic topic to some people, I did not find anything about what I read to be something I had strong feelings against. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and am excited to see what everyone else thought about it as well.

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  1. I love your point on positive self-talk, it’s so key. We are our own worst critics and will always see ourselves as worse than other people see us, and we have to get out of that habit in order to build that self-confidence. Even simple things like starting off the day with gratitude for our situation, and positive affirmations to start your day right keeps you focused on making sure you stay positive. The balance becomes positive vs. delusional, and making sure that we’re staying positive but not just lying to ourselves to make us feel better, but that’s just a balance we have to work out over time.

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  2. I also enjoyed the books sub-message regarding personal identity. Learning that everyone else (mostly) deals with these feelings similar to mine was also fairly reassuring. Its interesting to see other classmates with similar takeaways.

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  3. Hey Taylor, I really liked how you addressed the topic of self-talk. I often find myself bashing what I have written because it doesn’t meet the expectations I have for the assignment. the way that we talk about ourselves can have a major impact on our work.

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