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Our creative style is the sum of all of the influences in our lives. From birth until the present moment, we’ve been constantly flooded with ideas, perspectives, and stories, and now with social media those ideas are on the extreme ends of the curve, the funniest jokes and the most romantic love stories and the saddest news. Creativity is the output of all of these influences. We take all of the inputs throughout our lives and combine them and put our personal spin on them in order to put out something uniquely creative.

In Steal Like An Artist, Kleon says that we essentially every idea has already been shared in one form or another, and so now new ideas are just other ideas combined and said in different ways by different people. Confidence plays into this because we must realize that in order to make something uniquely our own, we must be willing to express our vulnerabilities and our insecurities in order to create something new or impactful.

I believe the most impactful way to build confidence in something is by doing it consistently. If I’m not confident in my public speaking ability, I can allow that belief to control my actions, or I can take action and practice my public speaking even in front of one or two people consistently. Even in this class, my writing hasn’t always been something I’m proud of, but I want to learn and grow, so I invest time in this class to learn new forms of writing and new ways to communicate effectively.

I love to read. I find that there is so much value in written word, and that we can take an author who may have spent a year, five years, or even ten years thinking about and writing a book, and in a span of six hours we can take all of that knowledge and learn it. I set a goal for myself in 2021 to read one book per week, and so far this year I’ve read eight. Each time I pick up a new book (mainly in the self-improvement space), I realize that I’ve got so much to learn from the author and I look at who recommended it and why this could be impactful for me. Even further, I look at where I can apply the things I’m learning in my life, because one thing I’ve learned is that reading learning without action is meaningless.

When I’m working in sales throughout the week, I bring the knowledge I gain from reading into the calls, and use it as a way to seem more knowledgable around different topics. I try to tie in the reading I’m doing, not only to tie the knowledge into my life, but also to help other’s learn without putting in all the time and effort I did. Making people’s lives more efficient helps me to feel more productive, and so if someone clicks with an idea I share or they bring something they’re struggling with up in our conversation, I’ll always direct them back to the book that I was reading or mentioning, and I hear great followups when people do read the books and connect with their message.

In the book we read, I loved the idea of stealing vs. plagiarizing as an artist. He made a very clear distinction that he isn’t recommending unoriginality or plagiarism, but rather saying that we need to spend the time pulling from tons of different sources and pull what we like, dislike, and is most impactful for others. We share our life experiences, our stories, and make it extremely personal for us, and that brings the creative originality he promotes rather than just taking someone else’s work and putting our name on it.

One thing that I somewhat disagreed with was the idea of involving your body and your hands in your work in a way that wasn’t digital. I’m on the fence about this one, because I do realize that us physically handwriting something is a different feeling than typing something on a computer, but I did want to bring it up because as the world revolves around digital communication, I see this happening less and less. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done as much writing for a longer form book or long articles, but as I sit here writing this blog, I’m glad that I’m not having to handwrite it and then transcribe it onto the computer.

Excited to continue learning from reading inside and outside of this class!

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  1. I also enjoyed the use of the word steal rather than plagiarize while reading “Steal Like an Artist”. I felt like the format in which the idea of stealing ideas was presented shifted my view on creativity and my own personal characteristics that I attribute to who I am. I think it is beautiful that in some way we all make each other who we are. I also used to work in sales and agree that helping to make other people’s lives more efficient makes me feel more productive and so I feel like that is an important thing that I want to integrate into my future career as well.

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    1. Hey Taylor! Thanks so much for your response, I definitely agree with you. Would love to talk more about your sales experience and learn from you if you’d be willing to share! If you want to talk more, here’s a link to block time on my cal:

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  2. Hey Parker! I agree that the best way to build confidence is by practicing something over and over. That way when it comes down to you facing whatever seemingly monstrous comes your way- you can handle it with grace. I also like how you incorporated Austin’s theory behind creativity into your definition of it. I also like how you incorporated the whole stealing vs plagiarism. You did a great job of explaining both sides and what he really means by it. Good job.

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  3. Hey Parker.

    Thanks for sharing. I really appreciated your commentary about how our beliefs can affect our actions. I think many of us struggle to make the link (I know I sure have in the past). It makes perfect sense that our beliefs and actions and confidence are all interconnected to shape our actions. Once we practice and increase our confidence, we will soon modify our actions and beliefs.

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