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Creativity, to me, is a person’s imaginativity and uniqueness in terms of how they express it. I think confidence is extremely important to writing because, in my experience, when I lack confidence I don’t write to the best of my ability. I let my fear get in the way of the words I want to write. When I set my mind to it and feel genuinely confident, I can write really well, but I always let my fear get in the way of the words I really want to say (especially if someone else is going to see the writing). I think you can build confidence by putting yourself out there. You don’t necessarily have to let people see your work with your name on it. That’s the whole point of being anonymous. Until you get the confidence to put your name on, submit things anonymously. Start small. Enter short writing contests. Share it with someone you’re comfortable with that you know will build you up and not tear you down. I genuinely enjoy writing. I really like to make music, short stories, and share experiences I have had in my life. I think that writing can easily be brought into the workplace because it makes communication that much easier. I don’t use a whole lot of writing in my current job, but I do have to write comments/reports of how my client does on certain tasks that he’s required to learn. I really liked in the book that it talked about the difference between an education and schooling. Even if you cannot afford to go to college, it’s your job to learn and continue expanding. I feel like this is important for everyone in America. A lot of people blame unfortunate situations on their lack of education, but what about their schooling? Do they google things? Are they passionate? Do they pursue their goals? These are all important questions to ask. I also really liked the advice about getting to know yourself before you decided to create things. I think it’s important that your art or creative outlet reflects how you feel, believe, and think. If it doesn’t, it’s not your art. It’s someone else’s. This is where I disagreed with the book. I disagree that creativity is just stealing things from other people. Think about all the new inventions that come out of someone’s creativity. They couldn’t have stolen something that didn’t exist. For example, there was a college student a few years back who designed and created sleeping bags that transformed into jackets for homeless people. This invention didn’t exist so where would she have stolen it from? I genuinely think creativity is how you choose to express your inner self, and it can be original if you let it. I also disagree with faking it until you make it. I have a lot of experience with this particular piece of advice. My whole life I have endured a lot of different traumatic things where I’ve been forced to fake it until I make it, but it creates an emptiness- a void inside of you- that just can’t be filled anymore. You lose who you are, and sometimes it is too hard to get yourself back, and you get tired of fighting it. I think it’s important to be honest. Sometimes it’s important to over exaggerate certain things (confidence, etc.), but I don’t think faking it is the right term to use. 

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  1. I love your point about learning, knowledge is so accessible now, and we as students have to take ownership of our education individually. As much as we can rely on the classroom right now, at some point we won’t have that, and we want to take responsibility for continuing to grow and learn over our lifetime. Even if that means narrowing your learning to a career field or a topic you enjoy, it’s so important to continue to learn and develop.

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  2. While in most instances I don’t subscribe to the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”, I find that in continuing your education or the context you’ve provided, that it is a fair point. Ultimately, self-improvement can be dependent on your own intrinsic motivations, but bare in mind there are instances, particularly within the realm of higher academia, that can hinder and individuals ability to learn.

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  3. Hello! I like that you agree with pursuing knowledge even outside of education. For some, continuing education is not their cup of tea. However, there is so much to learn outside of the general education. I believe that people can find what they are truly passionate about through what they do in their free time, such as the things they learn about/research for fun. Personally, I love to watch shows and read articles about different forensic or criminal files. Trying to solve the mystery is a fun hobby. I might even decide to pursue a investigator-like path after my bachelors degree!
    I know it is easier said than done, because I am in the same boat, but we must be less harsh on ourselves when it comes to writing. If we aren’t passionate about it, sure. It can be boring. But the good thing about writing is everyone has their own style. This book, for example, is different than what I would assume a typical “college book” looks like. It was fun to read! There is no blueprint to creative writing when you enjoy it!
    Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Hello! Great point about confidence in writing. I, too, wrote in my own blog that the lack of confidence in someone’s writing shows greatly in a paper. Even from my own experience I can attest that confidence is a key element for a great paper. Also, I know that our replies should be about what you wrote, but I just wanted to give you a tip and say that if you put your blog into smaller paragraphs, it will be easier to read! (Just like Ms. H was saying about Project 1). Great job!

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  5. Hello Faith!
    I can relate a lot to what you wrote about letting your fear get in the way of the words that you actually want to write. I know that I am really bad about letting the possibility of what others MIGHT think about my writing stop me from putting the words that I truly want to write out there. This is especially true when I know that other people are going to be reading my writing. I have tried very hard in this class, however, not to let my fear get the best of me. So far I have been as authentic as I can in my blog posts, and I have to say that it has truly helped me to feel more confident in my writing. I hope that this class helps you in the same ways that it has helped me so far!

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  6. I truly enjoyed reading your post, and one thing you pointed out in the book, “fake it until you make it”, I disagree too, and I think the experience you shared about this tells a lot about your personality, and I value and respect that. Some people can fake it until they make it, but I think it is a hard exercise that may go against our values and personalities, and I feel bad and embarrassed when acting or saying things I do not believe or agree with.

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