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How’s it going everyone? Hope you are all doing well! Creativity is not a word that people who know me would use to describe me. I’m like to look at things how they are and go about my business in conventional ways. Oxford Languages defines creativity as “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” I would say that I define creativity as the process of making things your own. Being creative is taking something bland and making it not. Taking a blank sheet of paper and turning it into a piece of art, or in my case a simple paper airplane. Creativity is important in almost every avenue of life because it’s what makes you who you are.

In writing this is no different. Being creative makes your works your own and with enough creativity, it makes them memorable. Creativity isn’t something that just comes naturally to everyone. It takes time and a lot of practice to build a creative sense of writing. The best way I’ve learned to build confidence in writing is to just pull up a blank document and then go to work on it. At first it seems a little silly to be writing a paper that no one is going to read, especially in college I don’t want to write any more than I have to. At the end of it however, you can look back and read through it and see areas that you are bland and bring and then think of ways to make it more creative through rearranging, rewording, or just redoing it. Another way to make this process of becoming more creative is to write about things that you are passionate about or love doing.

For me, I love sports, everything about them. Playing, watching, researching, debating, or just listening to them are all very enjoyable to me. I played basketball and soccer in high school and since I’ve graduated, I’ve played in more intermural leagues than id care to admit. Sports are something that I have been doing since I was little, and I couldn’t imagine not being able to play and I don’t know what I would do with my time if I couldn’t play them anymore. I don’t really know how I can bring this passion I have into writing, but I guess I could just bring the energy that sports give me to write more energetic papers and articles.

One thing that I took away from the book was the part about being active and stepping away from your computer. I hate sitting around, being inactive and immobile is not an enjoyable experience for me. I also really love being productive.  So, reading about how you have to step away to really connect to our work and then this benefiting our work was really encouraging. I also really liked how it said, “Work that only comes from the head isn’t any good”. I took this to mean that, with anything that you do, you can’t just sit there and think about it. You have to let it marinate. Like cooking, if you just sit there and season the chicken, the outside will be amazing, but the inside doesn’t get the same love. But if you marinate it, let the juices sink in and get infused with the meat, then its good all the way through. The same is true with writing, once I finish a paper, I’ll take some time and step away from the work and then come back later to see if I still like it. I don’t think that there was anything that I disagreed with in this book. I thought that the points made were all valid and I benefited from reading it.

6 Replies to “Blog #2”

  1. I definitely agree with your point about letting things “marinate”. I didn’t think about that point from the book that way until reading your point, but I 100% agree that with anything in life it is best to allow yourself to fully soak in what you have seen, read, heard, etc. That is one thing I am trying to do more of in my life, is allowing myself to take time to think and meditate on ideas, values, and other things I have come in contact with so that I can take that knowledge and make the most of it.


  2. I love your point about sports and tying energy into your work. I find that a huge draw for me is competition, I love the competitive aspect of sports and try to bring that into other areas as well. When I can spend time in competition with other students, I feel like I learn the most and benefit a lot that way. Great post!


  3. I love how you started your article off by asking how we were doing! What a great attention grabber. This was one of the reasons your blog post stood out to me. I agree- creativity is what makes each person unique. I have had to practice writing a lot to become confident in it. I have a long way to go but I have found that practice makes perfect. I also like you gave us a real world example of how you step away from your computer and freeing your thoughts. Good job.


  4. I agree with your idea that creativity is important in almost every aspect of life. Your point that creativity is what makes a paper memorable is very true in my opinion. I believe that creativity and confidence go hand in hand when writing a good paper. Good papers are always the ones that are original and have some sort of attention grabber that pulls the reader in.


  5. I like how you noted creativity is important in a lot of different aspects. I also really enjoy participating and following different sports. It has been an easy topic for me to bring up in conversation when I may not be familiar with a certain individual or group.


  6. I really enjoyed your outlook on creativity. I completely agree with how you have been able to build up your confidence in writing is through practice. I also practice my confidence in writing through journaling, and not putting too much pressure on myself! It was cool to hear about just how much you like sports, I think that they are a great thing to be interested in. I totally agree that you could bring the same energy sports give you into your writing. I think you brought up a great point about being productive. I have found it to be such a struggle to be stay seated all day and be productive in my online classes. Thanks for sharing!


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