My Introduction: Rhett Freedman

Hello class, my name is Rhett Freedman, I am a Freshman out of Whiteville North Carolina pursuing a degree in Agriculture Business Management. Whiteville is a very small rural town in southeast North Carolina with lots of farmland. I hope to one day take over my Dad’s farming operation and open feed mills and seed stores across North Carolina. Some of my hobbies include: soccer, hanging out with friends, xbox, and taking trips. I have taken trips to various places I enjoy. Some of these places include, Hawaii, the mountains of NC, the Bahamas, and Florida. I would have to say I am definitely one for warmer places and trips over colder ones.

I know that writing and being able to communicate in Business is vital to a growing age of technology in the workplace. From personal experience, I know that farmers are not the best with technology and computers, so I hope to gain a better understanding in how businesses are communicating in this new age.

I have professional experiences not only with farming, but with management and different public jobs as well. Every summer I have worked with local farmers in onion harvesting and most recently I oversaw and kept inventory of different operations along with working the bagging and packing lines.

I get to exercise my creativity during summer where I perform different tasks and work different jobs at different farms etc. I also play soccer and plan on playing club or intramural this semester where I can branch out and meet new people. I believe there are many opportunities at NC State to show your different interest and passions.

My MBTI is an ESFJ. The E stands for extraverted, the S for sensing, the F for feeler, and the J for judging. I feel as if this result accurately describes my personality in most of the ways. I thought this was a very interesting test with very accurate results. I would love to do more of these. My results say that I am totally down ti interact with many kinds of people and I feel that this is true.

I hope to gain skills in online business management and communications. This course has also taught me things about myself and I hope this is a continuous trend throughout. I also hope to learn more about activities and different clubs and businesses around NC State as I feel this would be beneficial to myself in the future business world.

A little bit more about myself is that I am a very outgoing person looking for more cool people to meet during these times. I am welcome to do many things and meet many different people. I look forward to next year and hopefully being able to attend some NC State football games and tailgate. One of the most exciting things I looked forward to this year at State was football games and sadly I wasn’t able to attend any. Please reach out if you have any of the same interest as me as I am open to making friends through this course. Thanks.

2 Replies to “My Introduction: Rhett Freedman”

  1. Hello Rhett, it is nice to meet you! We seem to have quite a few things in common, and I think it’s so cool that you’re into farming. My dad’s side of the family had a great deal of animals (up until recently), so I can somewhat understand the process and struggles of the profession. I definitely think farmers and writing don’t always go together, but I think it is so cool that you’re putting yourself out there and learning beyond what’s asked of you. I love to tailgate and I am equally upset that we can’t do that. I also have two of my personality letters in common: feeling and judging. We had a Hawaii trip planned for spring break, but unfortunately it was canceled due to the closure of the islands early on last year. Hopefully I’ll get to go soon, as it is obviously an amazing place to visit. I hope you have an amazing semester, and that you get everything you want to (and more) out of this class.

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  2. Hi there, Rhett, it is great to meet you! Agricultural Business sounds like a really interesting major, do you all get to do any internships during your time in undergrad? It sounds like you have been to a lot of cool places, but I totally agree with you about liking warm places better! That is awesome that you can express your creativity through soccer. I too express my creativity through movement, but I like to run! I don’t have nearly enough eye-hand coordination to play soccer. I think that it is awesome that you want to gain more skills in online management – it will be a great tool to have in the agricultural business! I too was so upset that we couldn’t go to any games this year! I was hoping that I could go to some NHL games this past winter and current winter, but it looks as though I’ll have to wait another season to attend live. Thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to getting to know you!


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