Meet John

Hey everyone, my name is John Durner and I am a Junior here at State.

Growing up my whole life my parents would always tell me about how entrepreneurial I was as a kid. From selling drawings to renting my bike out to other kids in my neighborhood, I’ve always been resolute in money. In addition, math has always been a strong suit for me in regards to school and learning. For all of these, I chose to pursue an education in Business. For my concentration, I chose Supply Chain Management because I’ve always been fascinated about the source of products, as in where they come from and how they are produced. While completing my general education courses, I started to develop a strong interest in Psychology. At this point, I have decided to minor in Psychology and am one course away from doing so. Additionally, I plan to hopefully continue my education by getting my MBA here at North Carolina State University. Ideally, my dream job would be to work in a big plant or manufacturing facility and head their production process, as well as manage the sourcing of the materials making those products and their inventory systems. I really started to develop a passion for supply chain management when I began working for a clothing company of my own. I had to learn where to source items like the shirts, with the quality I wanted, and labels to go in them.

In terms of my relationship with writing, I would say that I write when it is needed, but it is not something I do frequently. I write in the business realm and to communicate, but it is not my most favorable thing to do. I’ve had a couple of jobs throughout my life which all have taught me different skills and assets. My father started his own construction business when I was a little kid, so ever since I was “of age”, he put me to work. Today in his company, he frequently communicates projects and tasks with his employees via Asana, which I saw we will be using in this class. I used to work at Village Deli, here in Raleigh, as a cashier and cook. I’ve also worked at a Marina, back in my hometown, where I worked as a dock and shop leader.

I get to exercise my creativity through making clothes and music. I’ve never really been a drawer by hand, but as I’ve gotten into clothing design, I’ve begun working in photoshop a lot, constantly making and critiquing graphics. I also have a music production software called, FL Studio, where I will make beats and record songs. These were just some of the ways that I found I could be creative, and find myself getting lost in time when doing them. My Myers-Briggs Personality Test was extraverted, intuitive, feeler, and judging. I think that this is a pretty description of some of the aspects of my personality. I definitely agree with the fact that I have a tendency to put others before myself, at the detriment of my own needs and feelings. This tends to happen to me time after time. I also know that some of the knowledge I have gained in my psychology classes has indeed helped me be more understanding of how people think and feel. I found the test very engaging and fun because it questioned me about myself.

I’m really excited for the career-readiness aspect of this course. It seems like we are going to be doing a lot of work this semester preparing us for the job realm. My goals for this course are to take it seriously and, just like a job. I want to gain all of the knowledge I can to help me excel and stand out in the job market. Lastly, like always, I want to get a good grade in this course!

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  1. John,

    After reading your post, I can tell how passionate you are about Supply Chain, which is amazing since you’re enjoying what you are doing. I agree, Supply Chain Management is an interesting major given that it is a way to learn more about the source of all the products we use daily. Actually, I wanted to major in Supply Chain first, then I changed my mind and chose Accounting, because I thought it would be easier to get a job after graduation. Anyways I think both are good fields full of various opportunities. It is ambitious to plan on getting an MBA, and I encourage you because it will give you more jobs ‘opportunities, and one never knows; perhaps one day you will have your own company, and you will be already prepared for that.

    I enjoyed reading the part when you talk about your personality, and I found it interesting; the way you exercise your creativity is cool, you are an artist! What kind of clothes are you making? I was curious and did some research about your music production software, and it is cool! You really did a great job! Furthermore, I think how you describe your personality says a lot about your interest for Psychology.

    Good luck! I wish you all the best!


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  2. Hi there John, it is great to meet you! I enjoyed reading about your entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Math has also always been a strong suit of mine, I love how to numbers can tell you a story in so many different ways. It is really cool that you have already gotten experience with Asana, I’m sure that it will useful for not just this class but beyond. I loved getting to hear about you making some of your own clothing! I actually got into sewing this past summer. While I am still very much so a beginner, it is such a neat way to express your creativity with all of the different pattern variations, stitching styles, fabrics, etc. What has been your favorite piece to make so far? I would say that mine was a skirt that I made with my grandma, it was my first project and it was a blast! I am also really excited for this class, and hope that it also hopes me become prepared for writing in the business world. Thank you so much for sharing!!


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