Lauren Frazier’s Introduction Blog

Hello there everyone! My name is Lauren Frazier and I am a current Junior in the Poole College of Management. I am majoring in Accounting with a concentration in Information Systems, and plan on graduating in May of 2022. After I am done with my undergraduate degree, I hope to stay at NCSU to get my Master’s in Accounting and then sit for the CPA. I hope to then go into Auditing at a large accounting firm for my career.

I view my relationship with writing similarly to running. I thoroughly enjoy having the ability to write, but sometimes I can’t get the right words, a good rhythm, etc. I say that it is like my relationship to running as I hit these same issues while training for my next race. I often have runs where I can’t get find a good path, a good step pattern, the right shoes, etc. I correlate the two together because even though every run or essay I do may not be great, I take it as an opportunity to learn and hopefully become a stronger runner and writer.

My professional experience is slim – I have only ever had one job. Before transferring to NCSU, I was a student at Appalachian State. I was a receptionist at the local cycling studio for my fall semester of 2019. I got to gain a lot of interpersonal communication skills while working there, and will always appreciate my time there!

I exercise my creativity in three main ways – running, cooking, and dancing. When I go run, I methodically plan out a fun route, a great list of songs, and goals for myself. I take the time I spend on my runs as a time to think through my future goals, events that have happened that day, and to highlight my gratitude for life. When I cook I exercise my creativity greatly as I don’t like using recipes. I am the only vegetarian in my family of 6, so I often have to cook all of my meals – which can become daunting when you look at all of the complex recipes on NYT, Bon Appetit, and more. That is when I figured out I could express my creativity by throwing together random vegetables, grains, beans, and more into a dish I actually enjoyed. That is how I found my latest favorite recipe – an Asian inspired rice bowl with my own signature Vegan Yum Yum Sauce. Lastly, I express my creativity through dancing – or should I say having miniature dance parties throughout the day. I followed Meredith Grey’s footsteps in dancing it out, and I highly suggest! You get to blast your favorite song, dance around, and get creative with your moves.

My MBTI type is INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging). I feel that my personality describes me pretty well. I am mainly introverted, but I have learned through our time in quarantine that I miss the social interaction we once had. I am decently intuitive, and love getting to see patterns – finding patterns is one of my favorite parts of accounting. I think that it is also valid to be classified as feeling and judging as I do like to have structure and validate feelings. I think that overall the test was a little narrow-minded – how can it figure out my entire personality from only a handful of questions? I think that the test can illuminate some of your traits, but you should try to worry too much about the results, especially if you were in the middle for any of them.

My personal goals for the course are to learn how to be a better writer in a professional setting. I would like to become more confident in writing memos, cover letters, and other business documents.

7 Replies to “Lauren Frazier’s Introduction Blog”

  1. Hey Lauren, I really enjoyed your blog post! I am also a Junior in the Poole College of Management, but I can’t say I wanted to go into accounting. I think that’s awesome you’re going to go for your CPA. I too want to go for my Master of BusinessAssociation Degree. I’m not a runner, but I think that was a great analogy between writing and running, as it was easily comprehendible. I also love cooking, although I can’t say I’m vegan. I too like to get creative in the kitchen and am not shy to experiment and try new things. I also like to cook a lot of Asian inspired dishes, especially Thai. Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging were all apart of my personality traits as well. I like a lot of structure in my life as well. I’ll tell myself I’m going to wake up early the next morning, already have a plan of what I am going to do, as in eat and start studying, and, generally, what time I will be able ti get to it. Additionally, I’m an extrovert, so I definitely know what you mean about missing social interactions due to Covid. Overall, really good job and thank you for sharing that with us!

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  2. Hey Lauren! I am also an INFJ, and I agree that the personality tests are great to shed some light on traits and characteristics we sometimes overlook or underappreciate, but we shouldn’t look too deeply into them. I also enjoyed your metaphor between your relationship with writing to your relationship with running. I think I could relate my relationship to writing to my relationship to running as well. I love writing and running when I am doing it, but I often have a hard time getting started.

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    1. Hey Lauren! I think its super cool how you can express your creativity through physical activities like running and dancing, I am much the same way. I also agree that the personality test is somewhat narrow minded in thinking that a computer can classify you under a certain label.

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  3. Hey Lauren, it’s nice to meet you. That’s so cool that you’re doing accounting, I actually just switched my major from accounting because it was too hard for me. Those sound like some extremely fun ways to let your creative style show. I also enjoy cooking but haven’t experimented as much as I would like.

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  4. Hey Lauren! I definitely understand having a tough time finding the right rhythm when it comes to writing, personally when I’m having trouble finding out how to word things properly I try and take a break and come back to it later. I also feel like my MBTI draws upon real traits of mine, however, I don’t think it’s anything to take to heart either.

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  5. Hey Lauren. I agree with everyone else, your analogy comparing writing to running technique is superb. Sometimes I find my self locked into a fixed mindset, believing that I will simply never be able to write well. But when I think about improving my writing technique in the same way an athlete would improve their technique, then I feel much better. Athletes come up short all the time and so do writers, but typically we don’t see the writers failed attempts. I tend to get discouraged during the writing process if I don’t see rapid success, but I’ll strive to take on writing the way a professional athlete improves their technique, and not let my failures keep me from ultimately succeeding.

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  6. Welcome Lauren!

    I am also a fellow transfer student (3 semesters at Wake Tech and 1 at ECU). Glad that we both ended up here in the Wolfpack! Since everyone has been quarantining since March, I have taken up cooking. I have absolutely loved the creativity I have been able to express in my dishes. My favorite dish is Banana Pudding! It is an absolute hit with my family! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the semester.

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