Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Grube.

I am an economics major that is working towards a future career in data science. I am fascinated by data, and how we use it to make decisions. I also have a minor in computer programming. Along with data science, I am also interested in regular software development. However, I’d personally prefer to work with data, as I find it more interesting than just regular software development.

 I view my relationship with writing as something that I do when it is necessary, however, in my free time I rarely take the time to do it. I largely prefer reading over writing the majority of the time. So far my largest professional experience has been being an orientation leader for NC State. My experience with being an orientation leader was a positive one, and it primarily consisted of me being in charge of large groups and making sure that they receive a proper introduction to NC State and college life as a whole. While working at NC State University I used social media and email as my primary means of communicating with students when they were not currently with me. I was in charge of an Instagram page where I had weekly updates with information about NC State’s campus and photos with groups I was leading, and I often sent emails to groups after they went back home to give them some final advice before they started college.

I express my creativity through reading, social media, and volunteering with SPARCS (an organization that introduces underrepresented groups in computer science to computer science topics). When volunteering with SPARCS I often use a mix of creativity and professional communication skills to engage with a young (middle school-aged) audience about computer science topics and hopefully get them interested in the topics introduced so that they may one day consider computer science as a career choice. I am currently also reading Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison in my spare time, and hope to get through at least twelve books this year that I read for fun. I try to read for fun, even with a cluttered schedule because I feel that it can help to distance myself from reality for some time, especially now with a pandemic going on. I also use Twitter a lot, it’s probably not good for me but it’s entertaining and helps me stay connected with friends more easily than I would be able to be otherwise due to the pandemic.

 My MBTI type was an ENFP, which when I looked at all of the traits associated with that personality type, I felt it matched me very well. I am skeptical of the accuracy of the MBTI and other personality tests. While I feel like they describe me very well, I largely do them for fun rather than an actual evaluation of me. I view astrology in a similar lens as I do the MBTI, which is not a bad thing, I genuinely find both interesting and see the value of both as ways to describe people’s personalities.

My goal for this course is to strengthen my skills in professional writing, and professional communication skills.

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  1. Hi there Joseph,

    I really enjoyed reading your introduction! I think that it is awesome you are so interested in data, I am too! Have you ever heard of the software program Alteryx? It is a really cool software program that lets you handle Big Data easily – I highly suggest checking it out. That is so awesome that you were an orientation leader – it is such an important job on our campus! It sounds like you got a lot of good experience working on teams which will help you when you get a job post-undergrad. It is really cool that you express your creativity through volunteering with SPARCS. I haven’t heard of it before, but it sounds like an amazing experience to foster a love for computer science in the younger generations. I too am skeptical of the validity of the MBTI tests, and also find them fun – it was almost like the fun quizzes on Buzzfeed. Thanks so much for sharing about yourself Joseph, it was great to get to know you.


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