Hello! My name is Adja Ndiaye. I was born in Senegal in West Africa and raised in France. I have a degree in International Business in France, but when I came in the US, I decided to go back to school to get a second degree for more jobs’ opportunities. In addition, I thought it was the best way to practice the language, make new friends, and adjust to my new life. I live in Apex in North Carolina.

I am a junior in Accounting, and I plan on working towards a career in audit or business analysis. Yes, I love numbers! I think data is the most accurate and reliable information. That does not mean I hate writing. I love writing! In my opinion, it is the most genuine way of expression. When I write, I feel free and more inspired. Although my major is more based on data, I enjoy my writing classes, especially because writing in English is more challenging, since it is my second language. I pay a particular attention to business communication as it excludes self-expression, and it follows specific standards.

I did two internships in Customer Relations Management to fulfill my degree requirements in France. After I graduated, I worked as a Junior Export Manager at DHL France for two years before coming to the US. My background taught me the importance of communication, and its impact in our relationships with others, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, this pandemic has affected my life so that I have decided to dedicate myself to new activities. Thus, I organize weekly Zoom meetings with my friends who live abroad. We talk about various topics related to personal development, and we learn from our different experiences and perspectives. Other than that, I do sport twice a week, and I cook in any free moment I have; I like trying various recipes to explore new tastes. I am passionate about fashion and interior design; I think both are ways to express my personality, and I like to show it in the way I dress and through my interior décor style.

My MBTI is ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging), which describes well my personality, but I would say I am an extroverted introvert (or an ambivert). My friends say I am an extrovert because I am social. I love interacting with others and making sure everyone feels at ease. In addition, I have lived in three different countries, been in a boarding school for middle school and high school, met people with different backgrounds, which gave me the strength to adjust easily to any environment. Nevertheless, I can be very reserved when I first meet people. Furthermore, I cannot maintain a large social network even if I care about people. I’d rather focus on few close relationships.

I look forward to learning more about the English business writing process/style. I expect this course will help me be more prepared to my future professional career, and of course my main goal is to have a good grade in this course.

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  1. Hey Adja, I just wanted to say that I rally enjoyed your post! That’s really cool you were born in West Africa and grew up in France, I’ve lived here in North Carolina my whole life. How do you like the United States compared to France? Also, I’d be curious to know what made you choose the state of North Carolina to live in and why you chose to go to NC State, and don’t take that the wrong way, I love the state of North Carolina and couldn’t see myself living anywhere else. I’m also a junior in the business school, but I wasn’t very fond of accounting, so I chose Supply Chain, however, I commend you for going into accounting. I’m also right there with you, I’d much rather do math problems all day then write, but that’s not to say I don’t like writing. That’s impressive you had an internship at DHL, that’s a globally known company. I’m glad you’ve been able to stay in touch with your friends and family abroad, I know Covid has been tough on us all. Lastly, I consider myself an extrovert, and I can still be reserved when first meeting people. Overall, you did a really great job and I appreciate you sharing that information with us!

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  2. Hello Adja, it is very nice to meet you. I think it is so cool that you are from and educated in multiple languages and cultures. I studied French earlier on in my academic career, and heavily enjoyed it. I love the language, and find it as equally, if not more, fascinating than English. We have two of our personality qualities in common: Introverted and Judging. I am sure you were equally as relieved as I was to read that judging does not mean judging others. I am not a huge fan of accounting as all the technology combined with math is very confusing to me. I am more of a creative/marketing person. I also enjoy looking at fashion and cuisine in my free time. I think you and I are very similar. I look forward to getting to know you more, and I know that you will do extremely well in this class.

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  3. Welcome Adja.

    Thank you for sharing. COVID has sure been a negative force for many of us but I imagine it must be really hard given that you are separated by seas from many of your friends. Good on you for being invested in Big Data. Classes involving statistics and data analytics were very hard for me. I know many employers are looking for data-minded people and I am sure that you would make a great fit as one of them. Hopefully COVID clears up and you can enjoy more of America. Take care and stay safe!

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  4. Hello Adja! That is awesome. I barely survived moving 50 miles from my hometown to go to college! It is also inspiring that you chose to get a second degree here. That is great that you are so versatile and eager to learn. I enjoy cooking as well and cook with my roommates daily! I agree- I rather have a small close circle than a large one. Good job!

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  5. Hi Adja, I really enjoyed reading your post. After reading your post, I feel like we have a lot more in common. English is also my second language and I also had a bachelors degree from Nepal but I decided to have a second degree to pursue a better career. My MBTI test, I also had Introverted, Thinking and Judging. I like to have my plans on what I want to do and how I want to do it before I jump into something. Overall, it was a pleasure learning about you and sharing your information with us. I hope we all get to improve our writing skills together from this class.

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