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What’s up guys! My name is Zach Miller and I am a Business Administration major at NC State but do not yet have a concentration. I am currently leaning towards a concentration in finance and a job revolving around either being a financial planner or working with stocks and investing, I think both would be super cool avenues for me to go down. Writing to me is very dependent on the subject. If there is something that interests me to write about I tend to go into lengthy descriptions on the subject and really dive into various parts of what I am talking about, on the flip side if there is something that I don’t enjoy writing about I will tend to skim over it quickly or approach the subject with a very fact driven nature. Overall I don’t find writing to be super enjoyable but I feel like I tend to get my point across pretty well most of the time.

Over the course of the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to work for a couple of companies that have taught me a good bit. I have worked for a couple of factories, one where I actually transported materials from one place to another and at the other I interned working on a production line making hand sanitizer fluid this summer during the COVID-19 pandemic while learning the in’s and out’s to managing a production plant. Both gave me really valuable experience to know what to expect in a factory setting.

I like to thing a good way that I express myself is through sports. So many will probably say that they may keep a dairy or maybe play an instrument or something else along those lines, but for me it is sports. I’ve always been pretty athletic; playing basketball, baseball and various others too, everyone seems to have their own personality in the way they play like catching a baseball, swinging a bat, or shooting a three. Sports take up a lot of my time and is one of the main ways I can express myself and in a way have a creative outlet. This can kind of go hand in hand with my personality I was given. I was labeled as an INFP, some of the traits I agree with however some not so much. Of the ones I do agree with is that I am somewhat reserved or shy to people I don’t know which would make sports a good outlet for me to turn to instead. Other that not being the most sociable person out there I don’t feel that a lot of these traits really define who I am.

My personal goals for this course are to enjoy it, finish with a good grade but ultimately learn a thing or two. I haven’t had many writing courses in college so its always good to be well versed in a lot if different areas and broaden your scope of learning.

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  1. Hi Zach! It is very interesting that you find finance bearable. I am horrible with numbers and could never see myself being reliable to help others with their finances. I hope to one day invest in stocks or other investments because it seems exciting and sometimes could be very beneficial if you play your cards right. I hope you continue study in the Poole College of Management because it is the best college on campus!

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  2. Hello Zach! I just declared in Supply Chain Management, but finance sounds like a great concentration as well. I feel the same about writing preference. I find it way easier to write about something that you care about as opposed to something that you have no interest in. I think it is very cool that you found a way to work during the pandemic. I was not able to, but I think it is interesting that you were able to gain work experience. Most of my hobbies involve athletics as well except I play fewer sports. My personality was an INFJ which is very close to your results. I hope you broaden your learning scope and have a good time while taking this course!

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  3. Good to meet you Zach. I wish I was as brave as you to advance forward with finance as a career, especially with crazy market weeks such as the one we experienced this week. On the other hand, its cool to know there is another sports lover in the class. I personally have the NFL and the UFC as my favorite leagues to watch, but I am trying to expand my horizons especially with sports such as baseball.

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    1. Great post Zach. You definitely seem like a hard worker and someone who will succeed not only in this class but throughout life. Stocks are a very interesting way of financing and investing and something I have been looking to get into as-well. Best of luck in the future!

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  4. Sports people, assemble! Sports are a fantastic outlet for expression, in my opinion. I’m not a great athlete myself, but I love watching the NFL, the MLB, and the NHL. Based on your description of your relationship with writing, it sounds like financial planning was a good avenue to explore. Even if you don’t care all that much about a specific job, you would still be able to write a fact-driven analysis. Good luck this semester!

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