Introduction Blog

Hello my name is Jake McCollum. I transferred 2 years ago to NC State from Appalachian State University and I am originally from Charlotte. I am a junior in business management, concentrating in entrepreneurship. Just like many college students, I have not quite figured out what I want to do ultimately for my career, but I love learning new tasks any opportunity I can get, and hope to use that to my advantage in the near future. 

In terms of my relationship with writing, I have found that I can write very well in research, expository, and descriptive forms of writing, but have struggled in the past with less creative works such as scientific journals for labs and persuasive essays. In college I have been exposed to the many different types of citation styles outside of MLA such as APA and Chicago, but I am still not as comfortable with those as I am MLA. 

As for my professional career, I have spent many years trying out different jobs just to expose myself to as many different interpersonal skills that I could learn at my level. I started at a local  school, watching over elementary aged children after school. Then I went to a pharmacy as a cashier/delivery/ and customer service specialist. Then I worked at Krispy Kreme because it was the only thing available at the time. From there I went to Wells Fargo to become a prospect scout for future investment opportunities for my boss. Finally, I have spent the last year at Target as a DBO (the highest level of promotion without becoming a manager full time). 

I have always found creativity to be one of the core aspects to focus on in my life. In the sixth grade, my best friend and I decided to start a band. By time we were in high school we had managed to write, record, and perform our own content and I personally could not be any prouder of it, even if it was just a low budget project of mine. My best friend (and bandmate) ended up rooming together freshman year and through our time spent together, we both learned we constantly need to be creating something. So to this day, I have made albums, paintings, movie scripts, and podcasts just to keep my creativity fleshed out into something. 

I am an ENFP on the personality scale. That stands for Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Perception (P). I feel this to be very descriptive of me. Intuition has always been a skill of mine, I feel as if I always have had that sixth sense. I am definitely outgoing in random social situations. I love to meet new people. I definitely know how to pursue and handle my feelings and help others with theirs. And by far, I am very perceptive. I can read situations very well and can understand people. 

Personally, I really would like to refine my writing skills, especially in terms of a more professional setting. I know I will use this throughout the rest of my life and want to fine tune the skill as soon as I possibly can.

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  1. Hey Jake, I’m also an ENFP from Charlotte! I also have worked on my interpersonal skills through work and my hobbies that I would not have learned in school. I definitely understand the feeling of not quite knowing what you want to do ultimately for your career, I think that’s entirely valid.


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