Greetings, friends! My name is Will Kalland and I am a Business Administration major here at NCSU. This is my first year of college, so I’m still just exploring potential career choices. Currently, I’m taking courses in accounting and information systems management, and have found them fascinating; perhaps I’ll pursue a career in one of these fields. I was born here in Raleigh, and have lived just down the road in Cary all my life. I love Raleigh, but I’m looking forward to traveling after I graduate. I would love to take advantage of one of NC State’s Study Abroad programs if possible. My hobbies include reading (my favorite genre is fantasy), football (go PATs!), and performance theatre (especially Shakespeare).

I am a terrible writer. To clarify, my writing is usually alright from a structural perspective. I try to make use of varied syntax, proper grammar, and I tend to organize my points in comprehensible fashion. I consider myself a terrible writer because I have a ridiculously hard time fully undergoing the writing progress. I always have a hard time getting started writing anything, and often my motivation to write dwindles before I reach my conclusion. My writing process is painfully slow, plus I’m also a mild perfectionist, so even the simplest task might take me hours. My goal for this course is to learn techniques to improve my writing process because I recognize strong writing skills as essential in the world today.

My professional experience is limited to working as a café barista, which, relatively speaking, is not a lot. I do however believe that I have picked up quite a bit of professional etiquette from that experience. In regard to my capacity as a writer, I learned appropriate ways to format messages to both coworkers and managers, as well as a few note-taking skills that have been invaluable to me at work and as a student.

I was blown away by how much this personality classification spoke to me. It put to words aspects of my personality that I’ve never been able to understand, much less explain to anyone else. My MBTI type is INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger). I know these tests are only supposed to be about sixty percent accurate, but wow. After reading just that little blurb at the end of the test, I went ahead and found a bunch of channels for people discussing their MBTI test results and was amazed at the collective depth of knowledge concerning these tests. I am so grateful that I was exposed to this wonderful tool, and I intend to continue delving into the great ocean of knowledge that is the MBTI community.

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  1. Hello Will!
    I hope your first year of college is going well (all things with COVID considered).
    I also worked as a barista for my first job and although that may not seem like a lot of professional experience, it taught me a lot about the proper way to communicate with employees, employers, and customers.
    Although I have some writing experience and feel comfortable with my writing abilities I also am looking forward to picking up new tools and techniques to improve my writings.

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  2. Hello Will!

    This is also my first year here at NC State, as I transferred in as a junior after doing my first two years at Johnston Community College. It’s been kind of weird, due to COVID, but I am enjoying it so much, and I hope that you are as well!

    I was also pretty amazed by how much my personality type spoke to me. It was really surprising how well the test was able to sum my personality up just based off of the questions that I answered. I think that it helped me to recognize why I do things the way that I do and why I am the way that I am.

    I think it’s really cool that you have worked as a barista, and I agree that no matter what kind of job it is that you’re doing, there’s always some kind of professional skill that you can pick up along the way.

    I can relate to losing interest while writing, especially when I’m writing about a topic that I am not fully interested in. I personally prefer creative writing or personal writing to academic and professional writing, but I am hoping that this course will help out with that.

    Good luck this semester, and I hope you enjoy your first year here at NC State!

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  3. Hey there Will! I am also a freshman at NC State and we have taken similar courses even though I am currently in the Ag Business side of things. Accounting is very tough at times, but definitely worth studying. As for ISM courses, I have taken one of those as well and you are introduced into a whole different world of business I feel you will enjoy. Best of luck!

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