Hello, my name is Carson Clapp and I am a transfer junior studying business administration. Originally, I spent my first year of college attending East Carolina University and was still trying to get a grasp on what I wanted to do following graduation. After a year at East Carolina, I concluded the opportunities here at North Carolina State were more promising for me in particular. Last year I enrolled as an agroecology and sustainability major, taking a wide range of courses. As the spring classes began to transition to an online setting, I finally arrived at the basic understanding that I wanted to get involved in the business world after my time here in Raleigh.

I have never been the strongest writer, especially when it comes to topics I am not super interested in. With that being said, I believe I have the tools it takes to be successful at writing. I anticipate this class to strengthen my skills by segwaying my ability to communicate with people through spoken conversation into a professionally written form. Due to transferring not only schools but majors as well, my professional experience has been limited during my first two years of college. Thankfully this past fall semester I was able to start an internship at RGA investments. One of my duties as an intern is sending out newsletters and emailing clients so this class will be immediately applicable to strengthening my professional career. 

If I had to give an example of how I express my creativity I would say a more unorthodox way by choosing sports. My friends and I often play golf and pick up basketball for exercise and I think we all have our own style of playing. Another way I express my creativity is my music taste. I would classify myself as having a very wide range of genres I prefer listening to and I think that is somewhat unique to me. 

For my personality type, I got ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging). For the most part, I would agree with this personality breakdown. I think the car model was very accurate when it came to my driver and co piolet. A portion of the Driver section states “Crafts wonderful memories. Focuses on the importance of family, friends, and home. Keeps traditions alive for the next generation. Has a fantastic memory for detail.”. For the co piolet section, it states “Gives opportunity to show love in a balanced way. Understands complex social structures and unspoken social constructs. Helps others meet their needs.”. Both of these statements can be applied to how I approach a lot of things in my opinion. This was the first time I have taken a personality test and I thought it was pretty interesting to think about how businesses could incorporate these in their hiring process. 

By the end of this course, I hope to develop and improve upon existing strategies pertaining to my ability to articulate myself in a professional manner as well as eliminating more basic grammatical errors that I make.

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  1. Hey Carson! I am a transfer student as well, except from Western Carolina. I would say that our relationship with writing are about the same, I tend to be very short and concise when writing, however when there’s an interesting topic to write about I am fully committed to writing about it.

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