Hi everyone, my name is Parker Mayes and I’m a junior studying marketing. For work, I’m interested in the personal growth and coaching space, and have recently started an internship with Dale Carnegie Training to help pursue my goals in the leadership development area of that field.

I prefer speaking more than writing, but I think that’s because I don’t practice writing as much and so I haven’t used it as much since high school. I hope that this class will help me to get more comfortable writing and communicating effectively. I spend a lot of time writing short form like emails and social media content so I hope this will apply to the things I’ll be doing in that area in addition to long form essays and papers.

I spent 2020 in an internship at LexisNexis, which is a law data analytics company, where I worked on their Global Communications team, connecting executives from 10 locations around the world. This experience helped broaden my perspective of culture around the world, and helped with my comfort of adapting to different time zones. I think this was one of the most helpful experiences during my time at college so far because I was able to work remotely and learn all the video tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams that we use so consistently now.

I believe a lot of my creativity comes from my podcast project, Taking A Breath, where I’m constantly adapting to new concepts and learning from the people I’m interviewing. It’s helped me to speak more effectively and communicate with potential guests, and has been a great application for my personal brand marketing and social media marketing classes.

My MBTI type is ESTJ, which I feel like is accurate, because I definitely am more consistently type A and wanting to get things done. I’ve seen a lot of the positive and negative sides that the personality type talks about, both in terms of being hardworking and reliable but also controlling and demanding, and so it’s something that I’ve consistently worked to improve in my relationships with others. I have to remember that I hold myself to a high standard and that not everyone shares my values and interests, even when I’d like them to.

I think personality tests in general have a lot of personal biases built into them, because I’m going to put what I see in myself instead of how I’m actually perceived, but I think they’re a helpful tool with self awareness. I try to keep myself as unbiased as possible, but I’m sure that even knowing that I could be more honest with myself in some of those situations.

I’m very interested in learning about how to write better communications for teams and I hope that this course, even if not directly, will help make me a better communicator both in writing and in speaking. I also want to improve my writing for the marketing reports I write for my other classes, because sometimes I’m not able to keep it as concise and impactful as I think I could. I’m looking forward to a great semester full of learning and growth, and excited to work with all of you.

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  1. Hey Parker, I totally agree with you when you say that speaking comes more naturally than writing. I have always enjoyed giving presentations and doing little speeches, but most of the time I’m simply saying what I have already written. That’s so cool that you have the experience that comes from making podcasts and learning from your interviewies. the only experience I have with podcasts is when I was on one of my friends that never got off the ground. I’m sure yours are a lot better than his.

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    1. Hey Josiah, I appreciate the response! From my perspective, speaking is one of the best skills we can develop as students because whether it’s video, audio, or team interactions in general, a lot of what we’ll be doing in the workplace involves clearly communicating through our speaking. Podcasting is definitely a great example of a medium that we can use to grow and learn in that area.

      I’d love to chat and get to know you more! If you’re interested, grab a slot on my calendar:

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  2. Hey Parker!

    I can without a doubt say that you are the first podcast host that I know. I am also interested in personal growth and coaching. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with my life but I would really enjoy helping people reach their goals and grow into their passions (that probably stems from my concentration in entrepreneurship). I envision myself doing consulting down the road but I’d like to get some experience in the corporate world doing HR or marketing. Thanks for sharing and look forward to getting to know you throughout the semester!

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    1. Hey Justin! I love your energy, and I meet a lot of college students in similar situations – know their general areas of passion but don’t know exactly where it will take them. If you’d be interested, I’ve got a free accountability group launching in February that will run for two weeks around purpose and goal setting with students in that situation that really want to dive in and learn together.

      If it feels like something that might be a good fit, let’s talk more about it:

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