Cole Gambrell: Introduction to Me

Hello Everyone. My name is Matthew Cole Gambrell (Cole). I am a junior here at NC State University. I am majoring in Business Administration – Marketing, and I plan to be a creative marketing director, CMO, or entrepreneur. I enjoy writing because I find a lot of peace and creativity in being able to do so. I do not have any professional writing experience; however, I have considered being a writer if the right salary came along. I find enjoying writing very convenient because Marketing careers deal heavily in writing and creative storytelling. Furthering my passion for these areas will be very useful in the workplace and this class. My creativity is expressed through my passion for interior design boards on Pinterest and through posts I write on Facebook. I typically cover the news, religious information, life updates, goals for my future, and spontaneous thoughts. Without bragging, I have been told for much of my life that my writing skills are advanced, creative, and imaginative. While one may think that means I do well in English, I typically struggle because of the reading portion. I am a slower reader, fast writer, and those do not always go together. I enjoy writing, but as much as I love typing, sometimes the old fashion way is insurmountable. 

The Myers Briggs personality test was quite interesting to take, especially when looking at my results. Some of the questions seemed repetitive, but clearly, they had different purposes to fulfill. After completing the short assessment, I found out that I place in the INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging) category. I am described as somewhat introverted, organized, highly intuitive, good with feelings (both mine and others’), and judging. I agree with many of the descriptions the results provided; however, I like to think that I don’t judge too much. Hopefully, people don’t judge me too much either. While many do not believe in personality tests, they can be very accurate if taken correctly. No-one knows me better than me, which I am sure is true for many others (especially if you have introverted tendencies as I do). I enjoyed getting to know myself and strongly identified with many of the descriptions and experiences the exam associated with my personality type. I look forward to seeing how I grow by having this information. I hope my personality continues to reveal itself through my work and personal life.

As far as this class goes, I plan to develop my personal and professional writing skills (hopefully ending with an A). Communication within a business is so important. It is equally, if not more, important in one’s personal life as well. I am prepared and excited to learn about and master new writing and communication skills. I am also excited to have the opportunity to work in teams and to collaborate on creating/finetuning assignments. I look forward to getting to know the teacher as well as some of you. I am confident that we gain skills in communicating ideas and themes that will be useful in all aspects of our life. 

2 Replies to “Cole Gambrell: Introduction to Me”

  1. Hi Cole! I agree with your opinion on creative writing. I find it very peaceful and a way to escape the real world. I honestly would be a writer if the pay was as good as the job. It is so awesome that you blog about current events and are known to be an advanced writer! That is something I aspire to be and hopefully will be able to learn how to in this class.

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  2. Cole,

    I enjoyed reading your post! It is really nice to meet you. We have a lot in common. I was not very happy about my result on the personality test, because like you said “no-one knows me better than me”. I am more intuitive than sensing, I am sure! Certainly, I did not choose the right answers, but I am introverted (maybe more ambivert) and judging. I am glad judging does not mean judging others, that is the first thing I checked.
    Like you, I am a goal setter and a futuristic. I am working hard to improve some soft skills and be better in time management, because I think it is at the core of productivity and the achievement of objectives. I used to post a lot on social media to express my thoughts about various topics, but I am trying to control my spontaneity now, so I stopped. I am very organized; my first true color is Gold, which explains everything.

    I know you will do great in this class.

    Good luck! I wish you all the best

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