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Hello, my name is Joshua Marszalek. I am from Charlotte NC and have lived in North Carolina for my entire life. I transferred from UNC Charlotte to NC State this past summer and it has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I am a junior currently majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. I want to have a career as a supply chain manager or a logistics manager. However if neither of these careers work out for me, I intend to get my masters in business administration so I can have more versatility in choosing a future career. I personally do not enjoy writing in an academic setting very much unless I am writing about a topic that I find interesting. I do not like writing very much but it usually comes pretty easy to me. I rarely struggle when it comes to writing essays or prompts. Since I am still in college, I do not have any professional job experience except for one part time job last spring. Due to the pandemic, I stopped working so I could focus on my health and safety. This has limited my potential for obtaining workplace experience that is essential for a college student. I plan to get more experience this year in a job that is directed towards my major if there are any openings that catch my attention. As far as hobbies that allow me to express my creativity, I do not have very many things to talk about. All of my free time is directed towards fitness and getting better at Olympic weightlifting. I suppose this hobby allows me to be creative because of all the time that I use researching different exercises and techniques that help to improve my overall athleticism. Like I previously mentioned, I do not enjoy writing very much so its hard for me to be creative in that way. My MBTI is INFJ, which I found somewhat accurate. I feel like this test analyzed my behavior in regards to my strengths, but completely missed my weaknesses. I feel like my personality is very analytical but also kind and emotional. This is highlighted very well in my strengths for INFJ. However, the traits of weaknesses are centered around introversion. I feel like I am not “psychic” like the results suggest. Whether these results perfectly reflect my personality or not, I feel like this test shed some light on hidden personality traits that I did not know I had. This was definitely a positive and somewhat enlightening process that I would recommend for everyone. My personal goals for this course involve more than just obtaining a high grade in the course. I will attempt to get the highest grade possible for this course, which I know is obtainable. However, I plan to get more out of this class than just a letter grade. I want to develop the skills that are necessary for successful business communication. I want to develop a passion for writing in a professional setting so that I can find a way to love whatever career I choose. Developing more passions that I can use for my career is something that I look to do since I am already a junior. I look forward to working hard and learning many things this semester!

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  1. Hi Josh! I am also from Charlotte and UNCC was one of the schools I applied to, but I’m glad I chose State! Like you I don’t have too much professional job experience especially because of the pandemic. Im also an INFJ!

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  2. Hi, Joshua! It’s really interesting that you do weightlifting. I am not very strong, but I have always admired the men and women and the strength it takes to commit to something like that (not even just physically, but mentally as well). I feel similar to you about writing. I am really good at writing prompts, but open ended writing is fairly odd for me to try to carry out. Academic writing typically also comes easy to me. My friends have always been jealous at how fast I can write my papers, but, besides school, I don’t always feel like I am good at a whole lot else. I am so glad you have enjoyed your transition to NC State. This is my second semester (and they both have been all virtual) so I feel like I haven’t really got to experience everything NC State has to offer. I always hear students talking about Howling Cow, and I still have not gotten the opportunity to try any (and I love ice cream). However, I live in Smithfield so it would be quite the drive just for some ice cream. I hope you have a great semester!

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  3. Hey Josh, I’m also a first year transfer student from this summer. However, I transferred from East Carolina University as opposed to UNCC. Additionally, while I don’t perform Olympic style lifts, I do consider myself an avid lifter and gym-goer. Its too bad this pandemic has had such a heavy effect on the one activity we both use as creative/recreational outlets, I can only imagine where I’d be without the 6 months off I had too take. Regardless, good luck with your major and your lifting!

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  4. Hello Joshua,
    Me too! I grew up about 50 miles from here in a small town called “Spivey’s Corner.” I am also a business major but plan on minoring in accounting. That is so cool that you do weightlifting!

    Great job.


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