Hello! My name is Amanda Jacobs. My major at North Carolina State University is Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. My preferred future career at this moment is Human Resource management (although my dream job will always be working with animals). My relationship with writing is complicated – my family says I write beautifully, but I struggle with specific types of writing if I am not interested in the topic I am talking about, satisfactory research, and some sentence structures. I unfortunately do not have any professional experience in writing or any other area as I have found it difficult to find a professional job while going to school full time. I exercise my creativity when I write letters to my parents, partake in school projects, and when journaling.

My MBTI type is ESFJ (Extraverted, Sensing, Feeler, Judging). I believe this does perfectly describe my personality. In recent years, I have grown to be more extraverted. I care about how others are feeling and always take that into consideration when making decisions in certain situations where this may apply. I am very intuitive, and I base my actions on both logic and emotions of myself and others. This is a huge step for me due to former struggles with teamwork and personal relationships being a past introvert as a young teen. According to the Personality Hacker test, “ESFJs teach us beautiful lessons with their generosity and spirit.” We are most content when there is harmony between people and exhausted when there is conflict. This could not be any truer for myself; my toughest moments often come when there is a major problem or tension between myself or others that I care for. Strong relationships are the building blocks in my life that offer me the soundest peace of mind. I am most successful when I am surrounded by a tranquil environment.

For this course specifically, my goals are to: become a better writer, learn how to work better in a professional setting with colleagues, and make a connection between this course and the real world.

For the curious classmates that wonder why I chose this path – good question! In general, I love solving problems and helping people. As I began to socialize and come out of my comfort zone more, my love and hope for humanity has deepened exponentially. The nursing program was not for me; so, I switched to business! I was previously a cashier at Food Lion for 3 years during high school and was able to gain a small glimpse firsthand of how corporate HR representatives help others and resolve issues. I was interested, reached out to others with Business Administration majors, spoke to HR representatives of numerous corporations, and here I am! My goal in all of this is to add different qualities to a company, offer new perspectives, and be a stepping stone in shaping a better world.

Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to working with you all!

-Amanda Jacobs

6 Replies to “Introduction”

  1. Hello! I can totally relate to having no idea why I picked Human Resource Management. I think I picked it at the time because my mom was really forceful, but the good part about it is that the business world has so much flexibility when it comes to degrees. A simple business degree can go so far. I hope you end up enjoying whatever field you decide to go into! I love animals, but I think my heart would just be too invested to work with them. Maybe that is why it is a good thing for me to stick to the business world! I get emotionally invested to things very quickly. My personality result was ESTJ (thinking instead of feeling), but I feel like I relate to yours a little bit more than mine. I do think a lot, and I am a really rational person, but I often feel like my feelings overtake my thoughts. It was nice to read your blog post even though it’s a virtual class. It is some type of socialization! I hope you have a great semester, and I look forward to meeting you and talking to you in class!

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  2. Nice too meet you, I’m also in the college of management here at NC State, however, I’m an economics major. I completely understand your relationship to writing as well. At both universities I’ve attended my writing instructors have used my writing as examples for future classes yet, I still find writing an obstacle or feeling as if its something I have to do more so than want to do. It is tough to provide quality work when what you’re asked to do feels more like busy work than an educational experience.

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  3. Hello Amanda!

    I am also a Business Administration major concentrating in Human Resources. The field of Human Resources is just so interesting and exciting to me. I also gained an interest in Human Resources through working in retail, as I worked at a clothing store for 4 years in high school and into my first two years of college. Maybe we will cross paths again throughout our studies.

    I also tend to struggle with writing about topics that don’t particularly interest me, especially academic topics that require me to do a lot of research about a topic that I am not interested in. I am hoping that this course will help me to gain a better understanding of how professional writing works, as well as make academic writing just a little bit more enjoyable as well.

    Best of luck to you in your pursuit of a Human Resources career, and I am wishing you the best for this semester!

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