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Hi! My name is Tia Gazzola. Originally I was a psych major, but now Im majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. I hope to work somewhere in the advertising world. I would say my relationship with writing in certain areas is strong , but weaker in others. I like to write creatively and I think I am good at it. I took AP lang in high school, so my background in analyzing writing is good, but not great in the field of professional writing. I exercise my creativity by journaling my thoughts or expressing my feelings. I also like to draw and occasionally paint because it is very comforting and therapeutic to me. My MBTI is INFJ and it says that I “The Advocate”. I am not surprised by that because I have taken this test before and have gotten that. It compared me with Gandhi, MLK Jr. and Marilyn Manson. I can see how Gandhi and MLK compare, but the addition of Marilyn Manson was odd to me. I don’t see myself being like him at all. I know he’s a very artistic person, but he also does some weird things. He’s very out there. I agree with one of my strengths and it says that I see patterns in everything which I really think I do. I always see how things relate or why one thing caused another. However, one of my strengths say I lead with my intuition which I kind of agree with. I say I mostly lead with intuition, but also with some thought and I tend to have some kind of conscious thought process. One of my weaknesses says that I keep my experiences to myself which I completely disagree with. If I can help others by sharing my experiences that’s what I do and I am totally comfortable with doing that. It makes me feel good. It also says that I can feel the emotions of others which I completely agree with. Sometimes I can take on others problems which isn’t the best trait. It can weigh me down especially if that person has some sort of a really tough problem. I also know that the “I” stands for introvert. I think I’m more of an ambivert because I am not totally extroverted like some and I’m not completely extroverted like others. I do relax/recharge when I am alone, but if I have too much alone time I will get lonely. I do like talking to people and learning about who they are, but I’m not the type who just walks up to a stranger and starts talking to them. It also says that I am a leader which I also think is accurate. If no one else feels comfortable leading or no one else wants to, I have no problem stepping into that role. My personal goals for this class are to be a better writer in the professional field and actually learn how to write in that way. As well as how to ask/answer questions in a professional way.

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  1. Hey! I think it is really interesting that the personality quiz compared you to those three- especially Marilyn Manson! That is so crazy that they compared those three people. I feel like I can relate a lot to you about taking on other people’s problems. My husband is the type of person who helps others until there’s nothing left to give. When I first met him, he had a bunch of toxic friends who used him. I think we both really taught each other what love is and what we should (and shouldn’t) tolerate from others. I was dealing with a lot of abuse at home, and he was dealing with a lot of his friends using him. We both found ways to handle the toxicity in our lives much better. I hope that you will also be able to (if you haven’t already) filter out other’s problems and conflicts to focus on yourself. I think it’s so important to take care of yourself and your mental health, and, unfortunately, sometimes that means we have to take a break from others. This may have not applied to you at all. After all, I can only respond based off of a few sentences, but I always love to share my experience and journey with taking care of myself because it totally changed my life. Anyways, I really look forward to getting to know you, and I hope you have a fantastic semester. You seem like a really cool person!

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  2. Hi Tia! It’s so cool that you’re in business admin – marketing, I am as well! I’m hoping this class will be super applicable for the marketing projects and reports that we’re doing in the 400 level classes. I’ve struggled to keep up the quality of papers when it’s a 10-12 page report, and I’ve been wanting to figure out how I can get better at that. I love that you broke down the personality quiz and went in-depth with how it applies to you and the things you’ve been learning about yourself. Looking forward to being in class with you!

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  3. Hello Tia! I think switching to a Business Administration major was a good idea. Marketing is a fantastic concentration that offers so many work possibilities. When it comes to writing, I feel like our writing styles when it comes to creative and professional writing are completely different. I enjoy writing professionally but I struggle with writing creatively. I am also an INFJ, and I somewhat agree with my results. I also find it very strange that they would compare who I thought were very different from each other. However the more I think about it, the more I understand it. I cannot say I see myself in any one of those three, but I can definitely see certain aspects of myself. I feel the exact same way about my results regarding strengths and weaknesses. I also look to achieve a sense of what professional writing and communication is like. Hopefully you accomplish your goals and I hope you have a great time in this course throughout the semester!

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