Hi everybody! My name is Justin Whitaker and I am a Senior (woohoo!) studying Business Administration. My concentration is Entrepreneurship. Before I arrived at NC State, I attended ECU for just one semester and Wake Tech for three. I’d like to graduate and focus on marketing and down the road open myself up to entrepreneurial consulting.

My first distinct memory of my relationship with writing was when I had to take the statewide writing test in fourth grade. I remember my fourth grade teacher calling each student out one-by-one out into the hall. When it was my turn, He called me into the hall and told me that I failed. I felt like a FAILURE. All my other friends had passed so why hadn’t I? Although I had a rough start in writing, I’ve learned to get better over time and draw in the attention of readers. I even had a discussion prompt praised by a teacher earlier today.

I don’t have a lot of professional experience through internships. I am a member of a co-ed national service fraternity known as Alpha Phi Omega. I’ve had the opportunity to serve on the Executive Team this past semester as well as this one which has given me a lot of skills such as public speaking, working on a team, and changing a role for the better that I serve on. (If you’re interested in rushing, let me know!)

I honestly don’t exercise creativity all that much in a stereotypical way. Two hobbies of mine are gaming and cooking. Cooking is really fun to try and expand your skill set as a chef by trying new recipes while expanding on those in your repertoire. It’s a fun dynamic that I’ve yet to balance yet as a vast portion of my time is spent trying out new Tik Tok viral recipes rather than honing my culinary skills. Video gaming can be creative too. I really appreciate a well designed fighting game. It’s such a satisfying feeling to go head to head with someone at your skill level with a unique understanding of their character.

My MBTI is ENTP. I think this describes a good bit of my personality. I really love meeting people and getting to know their story. My career goals are value around strategic planning so it makes sense that intuition is something that comes natural. Normally, I receive Feeling as my third MBTI attribute but I guess growing up does something to your sense of reckless lack of self-discipline. My last sense is perception over judging. I would insert some witty dialogue about not being a judging person but I’ve never had perception and judging described to me in a way that makes sense. In all reality, I like these tests as they are a fun way to understand a basic level of how a person works.

I’d hope to get something positive out of this course. Whether that be a few memories of my only non-PCOM class (minus a 1 credit hour farce), a nice sharpening of my literary skills before my harsh awakening in mid-May, or even a mix of the two.

3 Replies to “Hello!”

  1. Hi Justin! Awesome to hear that you’re majoring in entrepreneurship and are interested in consulting as well. I’m a marketing major but definitely interested in the entrepreneurship space, and it’s cool to see what other people are interested in and where you’ll end up. Excited to be in the class with you, and I hope you have a great last semester at State!

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  2. Hey Justin. I did four semesters of early college at Wake Tech, I love it there. I love fighting games too. I don’t know if you classify Smash Bros as a fighting game, but it’s one of my favorites. I was impressed by the MBTI test overall; I think it ended up describing me remarkably accurately. I thought it was funny that your type sort of matches your reasoning for enjoying fighting games. My understanding of ENTP’s is that they love to mentally spar with other people, sort of like how you have to exercise character knowledge in a fighting game. Congrats on reaching senior year, I hope what’s left is a great one.

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