Hello, my name is Taylor Buchanan and I am a junior majoring in marketing with a minor in law and justice. I want to pursue law school after graduation and eventually work in public interest/civil rights law. I want to work in a field where I can use my knowledge to help others and (as cheesy as it sounds) make a difference in the world even if its a small one. I started out college as a marketing major and did not commit to the idea of going to law school until late into my sophomore year, so I have kept my major business while adding the minor to help introduce me to some topics and perspectives that I might encounter in law school.

I believe my relationship with writing is fairly good compared to most college students. I have always enjoyed writing and took several creative writing courses, but I sometimes struggle with more formal writing and grammar errors every know and then. Writing is actually one way I express my creativity. I sometimes write poetry or short stories, and I enjoy journaling. I also enjoy painting, drawing, and crafting really in any form as a way to express my creativity.

I have had some professional experience in marketing while working as a remote intern for a startup company called SmartCourse. The company produced videos, blogs, seminars, and other content for parents, teachers, or healthcare providers who worked with teens who have ADHD. I worked in their marketing department and I was able to practice my professional writing skills when posting on the social media pages, sending out emails to our customers, and writing proposals for possible sponsors. This position taught me a lot about the responsibilities of running a startup company, and the different keys to expanding a business with such a specific niche.

My MBTI type is INFJ. I have taken the test before and received the same results, and I do feel like this type is accurate for me. I am definitely an empath and I tend to focus my future goals and ambitions around making sure I am working to better the lives of others. This have obviously carried over into my career choice of being a public interest/civil rights lawyer. I find the experience of taking personality test entertaining and eye opening, it makes me self-aware and more appreciative of some of my personality traits that I often overlook. I also this it helps me feel a bit more in-tune with myself and who I am because sometimes in the midst of things (especially nowadays) it can be hard to check in with yourself and reflect on things like your values, goals, and personality traits that make you who you are.

I am looking forward to this course and all I have to learn to improve my professional writing skills. One of my main goals for this course is to see improvement in my resume, cover letter, and personal statement writing pieces for future job/ school applications.

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  1. Hi Taylor!
    I think its really cool that you have a major in business and a minor in law. I think you can do a lot of things with that. Im a major in business with a concentration in marketing and it was interesting to hear about your experience in the marketing profession. Like you I am also an INFJ.

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  2. Hey Taylor! Super cool to hear about SmartCourse, the startup you worked with. I’m fascinated by the entrepreneurship and startup space, and I think it’s great that you’re majoring in marketing because there’s so much application for our marketing degrees in a startup environment. I’m also hoping that we can learn a lot from this class to apply to those professional communications you mentioned sending in those marketing communications. Looking forward to a great semester!

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  3. Hi, Taylor! I applaud you for taking on such a rigorous path; through the one business law class I took, I really enjoyed law and highly considered changing my career plan. However I decided to stick to business through and through.
    I enjoy writing when it is on a topic I am interested in. I love that you journal! I tried doing that but a busy schedule caused me to put that time and energy elsewhere.
    I like that you dedicate your career to helping people; this is something that we have in common as well! Currently, I am struggling to decide what path I want to choose for my master’s due to wanting it to be something I enjoy the most as well as helping people that need it.
    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to working with you this semester!

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