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Hello! My name is Mary Beth Cole and I am from Greenville, North Carolina. Greenville is about an hour and a half east of Raleigh and about an hour and a half west from the coast. People always ask me why I didn’t attend East Carolina University, and I always tell them that I wanted to try new things and explore more opportunities. I felt like I was stuck in Greenville for 17 years of my life, so when the time came to apply to college, I broke free. Now, I am here at NC State University, the best university in North Carolina in my opinion.

While attending NC State University, I study Economics with two minors in Spanish and Law & Justice. After graduating from NC State in May of 2023, I plan to attend law school and earn my Juris Doctorate from a highly acclaimed university. Right now, I am more focused on passing the LSAT and getting into law school, so I have not stressed about applying for jobs. However, I have acquired three jobs on campus for the time being. I work in Talley Student Union as an Information Assistant and a Reservations Assistant, and I also work at the Wellness and Recreation Center as a Member Service Specialist. I do have to say that taking a personality test right before I interviewed for these positions helped me immensely. Once I took a personality test, I could get to know myself a little better and be able to explain my strengths and weaknesses to my interviewer.

My MBTI type is ESTJ. I felt like the website was pretty spot-on when figuring out my personality. E, which is extroverted, means that I am an outgoing person, and that is nothing but the truth. COVID-19 really put a toll on me since I can’t interact with people face-to-face very often. I love to meet new people, and that is one of the reasons I went to a university in the first place, so with the many regulations on campus makes it really hard to be entertained with nothing going on. Secondly is S, which is sensor and more specifically, introverted sensor. The website explains how I have a good feel of the world around me, and I have a good understanding of how we are impacted by the past. If this means that I think a lot, then they are absolutely correct. I do think all the time, so I am not surprised that T was in my MBTI type. I tend to use my mind rather than my heart to make decisions because I value common sense over someone’s feelings. I am still a sympathetic person, but when it comes to making big decisions, I would like them to be thought out using facts and details rather than emotions. Lastly, I am described as judging. However, I am not a judgmental person at all. I am focused on myself 100% of the time, and I am always criticizing myself rather than other people. I am very hard on myself because I have certain goals and aspirations I want to achieve, so I like to be very structured.

My relationship with writing is relatively strong. If all classes had the option to either write a 10 page paper or a 100 question exam, I would choose the paper every time. My mind works best when it is clear and not full of useless information that I will never need in my life. Writing papers makes it easy to talk about something I am interested in and diving deeper into the subject. Ever since I was little and I was assigned a creative writing essay, I would always base it off of my own life. I would write about my life as if it were perfect and it would help me cope with all of the tragedy I have experienced. Writing is how I escape from the reality of the world and focus on myself for my own wellbeing.

Personally, my goals for this course is to earn an A and become a better writer. I have learned so much about writing research papers and creative stories, but I have never been taught how to write a business email correctly or how to write up a report. I am excited for this class and I hope with the information I learn, I will be able to use it when applying for jobs in the future.

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  1. Hey Mary Beth! My best friend goes to ECU and I’ve visited a few times, but I also think NC State is the better school. I think that its helpful that you said personality tests helped you with your jobs. I also think its great how you work on campus! Good luck with your LSAT’s!

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  2. I started my college journey at East Carolina and spent 2 years living in Greenville, I’m very familiar with the locals opinion of the city and have heard very similar sentiments from others born in Greenville. Like you, I’m also an economics major but I don’t have any aspirations to attend law school. That might be a little ambitious for someone like me, but props to you for having the proper planning and experience lined up to be successful in such a venture. Hopefully, your effort goes recognized and rewarded and that this class contributes to your success! Good luck!

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  3. That’s so cool, I took some pre-la courses my first two years and I really enjoyed them! Law School is something that I wanted to do when I was in high school, I thought that was what I was going to do, but then I realized that it included an extra 3+ years of school and I was not about to put myself that. Much respect for you for pursuing that! I hope you kill the LSAT!

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  4. Hello Mary Beth! I find it very interesting that you wanted to leave your hometown because I went to UNCC initially which was very close to home. I transferred here and completely understand the desire for a change of scenery. NC State really is the best university in North Carolina. I do not share the same sentiment with writing however, but I am glad that you are able to find enjoyment and a hobby out of it! Its also incredible that you have three different jobs at the moment while being a student. Working a job while being a student is very difficult. Our majors are not very closely related since I have a concentration in Supply Chain Management, but economics sounds very interesting. I also thought about attending law school eventually but it was not something that I really wanted. Good luck in this class and in your LSAT exam!

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