An Introduction: Grayson Fleming

My name is Grayson Fleming, a 3rd year transfer student coming from East Carolina University. I left school in Greenville to take a year off and transfer closer to home and participate in a more academic environment. This transfer has not been super easy considering these unprecedented times but I’m making the most out of the remainder of my college experience. As it sits, I’m currently pursuing a major in Economics within the Poole College of Management. The curriculum here at NCSU is about 3x as rigorous as my previous institution and I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a hair of “Imposter Syndrome” surrounding my involvement in such a competitive business program but I came looking to challenge myself and graduate with what I consider to be a meaningful degree so while nervous, I believe I’m prepared.

Admittedly, my relationship with writing is a bit one-sided. I would not exactly say that it is an activity I enjoy because its a passion, so much as I feel its something I’m “good” at relative to other subjects encountered at school. Regardless, I’m fully aware and appreciative of effective writing/communication’s effects within the work environment and am enthusiastic about many of the lessons underlined in this courses syllabus. Unfortunately, this familiarity is not from first person experience as I’ve yet to get a “big boy” job, or the standard 9 to 5, per say. While I do not believe the majority of my previous occupations would be considered professional, I still feel they have still refined my ability to communicate. If nothing else, my jobs working in customer service have taught me to be quick on my feet and given me invaluable experience in minor conflict-resolution skills.

As for hobbies and creativity, my interests largely revolve around just lifting weights and staying active. I would consider myself a bit more social than average as reflected in the (E) portion of my MBTI type (full acronym: ENFJ) but the constant quarantining has definitely hindered that characteristic of mine. The inability to leave and venture aimlessly around campus and Raleigh has been disappointing. Growing up in Cary, about 7 minutes from NCSU’s main campus, means that I’m not necessarily a stranger to the area but I do still feel that the midst of my college experience has been irreparably damaged. Regardless, I initially felt the MBTI survey questions to be a bit arbitrary but ultimately found that I agreed with the sites explanation. The experience was interesting. If the site’s assessment of me holds true, I also discovered that I’m a bit more in tune with the emotions of others as well which I find reassuring.

Finally, my goals for this course is to pass with a satisfactory grade and take the next step towards earning my degree. Beyond that I’d like to keep honing my understanding of professional environments and communication within which I believe this course will achieve. I don’t typically head into a course particularly optimistic about my takeaways but I genuinely feel this class will eventually produce me very tangible results down the line. Thanks for taking the time to read,

Grayson Fleming

6 Replies to “An Introduction: Grayson Fleming”

  1. Hi Grayson! It is so awesome that you decided to continue your academic career at NC State. Not that ECU is bad, but I agree that the environment there is not as academically inclined as NCSU’s. My sister goes to ECU and majors in Biomedical Engineering, and sometimes she feels the same way about the campus and the students. Likewise, I am an economics major, so if you ever need a friend or a study buddy please do not hesitate to contact me!

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  2. Hey Grayson! Nice to meet you! I too am a transfer (just from Appalachian) and I totally understand how rough it is transferring in during these covid times. I managed to get a single full semester in here at State before things changed, but that is not much time to get acquainted in my humble opinion.

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  3. Hey Grayson! I am a transfer student as well this year, except coming from Western Carolina instead. I too have worked in customer service before and enjoyed my time working in it and gives a good basic understanding for how to treat people in a professional setting. NC State is a much harder school in terms of coursework for me as well, it caught me off guard last semester but definitely have a better grip this semester.

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  4. Hey there Grayson, it is nice to hear your experience and interests. I also have worked in customer service and enjoy staying active. I think that you will find your way around NC State and thrive as it seems you’re a devoted student. Best of luck!

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  5. Hey Grayson, great post.I also am a transfer student that attended East Carolina. Much different experiences at the two colleges for me. I can relate to your relationship with writing. I too don’t actively journal, or write creatively in anyway.

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  6. Nice to meet you, Grayson! I can definitely empathize with how you feel about missing out on the college experience during COVID. I had transferred to NCSU from Wake Tech in the fall of 2020; ever since, my university experience has been almost nonexistent.
    I find it interesting that we have similar experiences in the work world as well; I have only worked customer service thus far and feel that I have learned a decent amount about communication, HR, and how business works.

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